《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 9: Preparing!


In his room, Vincent wore a black hoodie over his white T-shirt, and it matched his light black pants and black running shoes with white outlines reaching the soles. Hanging a backpack on his shoulders and taking out an inquisitive weapon from a jeweled box, he walked out of his room and directly went to the entrance of the orphanage.

He was just about to leave from the front door when from behind, Old Miller suddenly called out to him.

"Wait, are you seriously going to go to the Silver Moon island like that? I know, you think that cheap beast weapon will be able to penetrate the body of the beasts but it honestly won't," Old Miller said as he pointed at Vincent's dagger.

A beast weapon is created from the body of a dead beast. The dagger equipped around Vincent's black belt was created using parts of a beast. It was glittering as if made out of gems and some blue lines stretched from the top of the handle to its edges. The blue lines entangled in the center of the dagger, giving off a mysterious vibe. This was an inscription.

Inscription integrates a special effect into the beast's weapons. Basic tier beast weapons and equipment don't have any special effect. Thus, inscriptions are inscribed on them to increase their prices. The special effect of this dagger was sucking on the wielder's mana to strengthen itself. Although the dagger was without a doubt of low quality and that could be discerned from a single look, it was better than common weapons made out of steel. The quality of a beast weapon is determined by the beast used to create it. Beast weapons made out of high-level beasts will definitely be more powerful than weapon made out of it low-level beasts.

"Cheap? I bought this beast weapon from an adventurer by using all my remaining money. It can even be imbued with magic power. Then, with my strength, it will be easy to rip the beasts apart." Vincent calmly replied.


A weapon imbued with magic power will be strengthened. The damage dealt will increase, also.

"However, this dagger will rust under beast's blood, and then it will lose its sharpness. Not to mention that there is a huge chance of it breaking in the midst of a battle." Old Miller replied, "That will threaten your life!"

"I understand your worries, but you should be staying by Leila's side. She needs you the most right now, not me." Vincent asked, "For what reason, are you here?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. Here, take this with you before you go to the Silver Moon Forest." Old Miller hurled an inky double-edged black dagger, that was 2/4 cm thick and as narrow as the length of a finger, towards Vincent's head.

His hand swung upwards as he quickly grabbed the dagger's black hilt. The dagger blade was solid and very well balanced. Even Vincent could tell it was a well-crafted weapon forged in materials unknown to him. The blade was fixed on a rich dark metal hilt

The dagger itself was fairly simple with no inscription or any kind of decoration. It was wholly black and barely eye-catching, however.

"What is this?" Vincent asked.

"It's the weapon I used to use. All that glitters is not gold. Don't be fooled by its appearance. It's called Executioner as the weapon is made to break defenses and kill beasts. First, the toxic blood of the beasts won't rough it up in thousand years. Second, it can be imbued with magic power. Third, its sharpness will increase depending on how fast it's swung." Old Miller said. A weapon only needs to be strong and sharp enough to break all defense and kill the enemy, such was Old Miller's thought process that led to the creation of Executioner.

At first glance, Vincent thought that this inky black dagger with no signs of any inscription must be lacking special effects, but hearing Old Miller's words, he realized it was actually at least an intermediate or maybe even an advanced tier beast weapon as it possessed multiple special effects. Plus, one of the special effects will passively activate once he swings the dagger.


Furthermore, this was definitely an excellent quality weapon, yet it would seem ordinary to most because of how it looks. That way he will attract less trouble and can even deal a surprise blow to unsuspecting targets.

Just what kinds of beasts were used to create it? He didn't know. But one thing was for sure, this was a treasure.

"It's a perfect weapon for slashing enemies with ferocious power."

Vincent gratefully accepted the weapon and flashed a happy smile.

"I will hand this back to you after I return."

"This weapon is extremely precious to me. So, you better return home alive!"

"I will!" He replied.

As he walked away from the orphanage, Old Miller said in a solemn tone, "You have changed a lot. Four months ago, you treated everyone with the same indifferent attitude. But now, you're even going to the Silver Moon Forest for Leila's sake. But the change is for the better."

Vincent halted in his footsteps and turned to glance at Old Miller as the corners of his mouth turned up little by little.

"This time, you're wrong, I haven't changed. Besides, my intentions aren't as noble as you think. I just want to help save as many lives as I can to fulfill the dream of my mother."

Though Leila and Peter were the biggest reason, they were definitely not the only reason as to why Vincent decided to head to the Silver Moon Forest.

There were four reasons. First, Vincent felt sorry for Leila and Peter as they were in the same situation as him–both orphaned due to war. Second, he had promised to save as many lives as he can. Third, he wanted to complete the heritage missions as he was now powerful enough, and according to his father's words, the Blood Evolution System will help him in becoming stronger. Fourth, he will earn Leila's gratitude. She possessed the potential of becoming a powerhouse. And that's what he and the human race as a whole needed the most in the fight against the Darkin.


Old Miller smiled. If that wasn't enough reason for him to consider Vincent as a pure and innocent boy then he didn't know what else would be.

"Whatever you say, boy. Go and register as an adventurer, first of all, or else, you'll be barred from entering the island."

"I was going to do just that," Vincent replied.

"Okay then, I wish you good luck. Take care!" Old Miller wished him well.

"You too!"

Vincent nodded in response as he stored his dagger in the backpack and fastened Executioner to his belt before leaving towards the adventure association.

He can't legally enter the Silver Moon Island without a permit or adventure ID. On the other hand, illegal trespassers are punished with a fine and a month of jail. The punishment is harder for commoners as they receive a criminal record. Vincent didn't want to destroy his future, but becoming an adventurer and using a teleportation gateway to teleport to the fortress set in the forest will solve all the problems.

As he was pressed for time, Vincent walked as fast as he can through the snow-covered track without stopping for even a moment, and he soon reached before the adventure association.

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