《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 8: Old Miller Medical Examination!


Sometime later, Peter and Vincent entered the room where Old Miller was examining the mysterious conditions of Leila who have fallen unconscious.

The moment he entered the room, Vincent spotted Lela on the bed. After walking up to the side of the bed, Vincent looked at her with a scrutinizing gaze. In the very next second, he was shocked to see wrinkles on the face of Leila and visible signs of aging were also vivid on her once youthful skin.

Vincent's eyes narrowed. "What's wrong with her? How come she has aged so much in mere hours?" he asked as he looked at Old Miller.

"I haven't found out the reason yet, but I think it's related to a sudden decrease in her life force. It will take a few minutes for me to examine her conditions, and pinpoint what is wrong with her. So, stay silent and let me concentrate." Old Miller seriously said as his gaze swept past everyone else in the room.

'Please God, Don't let the worst become the truth.' Peter gulped as he stood by his sister's side with an expression of worry vivid on his face.

He feared that her health might further deteriorate.

He felt useless as he couldn't do anything to help her right now.

Sadness also swelled in his heart as Leila was the only blood relative he had. If she were to die, he will truly be left alone in this world.

Meanwhile, Old Miller scrutinizing gaze examined Leila from head to toe before he placed his fingers on her wrist and closed his eyes to see her internal structure by using a special technique that solely uses his magic power.

'Oh, so that's what's going on.'

After a while, Old Miller's expression changed. Leila was inflicted with a special condition known to a few select people, even in the entire world.

The change in his expression didn't escape Vincent, who was sizing up Old Miller. "You found out?"

"Indeed, I did." Old Miller proudly nodded. He was a supporter who mastered all three essentials of medic, after all.

As he said those words, Peter's eyes brightened in hopes.

Old Miller used to serve as a supporter in the vanguard battalion.

A supporter is an evolver who has learned one of the three fundamental supporting roles. 

There were a lot of supporters in the streams of stars occupied by various races, yet there were only a few supporters that could be called good.

It wasn't easy to earn the qualifications of a good supporter as one needs to learn all three fundamental supporting to keep his comrades away from the scythe of the grim reaper. 

Old Miller had learned all three.

First, one needs to be able to create an inscription on the spot. In the past four months, Old Miler has taught Vincent the first fundamental of a supporter. 


The second fundamental is called [Medic].

A medic can evaluate ten thousand illnesses and even rare conditions that afflict evolvers. Some can do without equipment while others need esoteric medical equipment.

Medic basic qualifications are to know about one hundred illnesses or ten rare conditions.

Old Miller's eyes narrowed as he looked at Lela that was growing old at a rate visible to the naked eye.

She was suffering from one of the many rare conditions that afflicts an evolver.

"The main problem is exactly as I thought it to be. Her life force is rapidly decreasing and that's why she is going older by the second." Old Miller said with a grave expression.

Life force is present in all living beings throughout the universe. It's the fundamental force that allows life to exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe.

A person perishes once all of their life force is depleted.

"What do you mean? Why is her Life force depleting?!" Peter exclaimed in shock.

"Can you tell us in detail? Maybe there's a way for us to help her!" Vincent asked.

"She's becoming an evolved human through self-awakening. However, she's awakening two abilities at the same time. Her body is evolving, and she is producing organs that can channel energy. At the same time, she is producing ice ability cells and telekinesis ability cells in her body. Yet, the evolution process requires a huge source of energy."

Old Miller continued, 

"A person's life force can support the self-awakening of a single ability but not two at the same time. Only a handful of humans were able to survive such an ordeal without external evolution resources."

"Leila's life force is being consumed by the evolution process. She doesn't have any control over the evolution process, however. It would only end after she dies or successfully awakens to possess two abilities. Any type of intervention will just aggravate the situation, causing her life force to deplete at a faster rate. From the looks of it, if she is not provided with another suitable source of energy, she will die from life force depletion. That's the reason why her health is rapidly deteriorating and she is aging," Old Miller said as Vincent thought about it.

'Normally, a person would only be able to draw out their latent ability in the face of danger or a life-threatening situation, and thus, become an evolved human. Moreover, only those with noble and royal blood are born with abilities. It's simply because ability cells are passed from one's parents to their child. Yet, Leila is self-awakening two abilities at the same time. She is insanely talented. She will definitely become a strong evolutionary in the future.'

Eagerness flashed through Vincent's eyes. Meanwhile, Peter who had some knowledge of self-awakening was insanely happy for his sister but also worried. She was going to gain an ability. Something that she has always wished for. But she was in a life-threatening situation, also.


"Is there any way to help Leila?" Peter asked.

"I heard that energy extracted from beast cores help during self-awakening. Consumption of evolution material does the same," Vincent said before staring at Old Miller with a calm gaze. "What do you think?"

Ol Miller sighed, "That's the main problem. The evolution materials and energy cores related to ice and telekinesis ability are the only ones suitable for her to evolve, the rest will act as a poison for her. However, such things are so extremely rare here that it's impossible to purchase them within a few weeks. Besides that, only life force can be used, but treasures with life force are the first ones to be bought from the market.

"Consumption of Life Force allows a person to increase their life span, after all."

Old Miller was able to perfectly diagnose Leila's conditions because of his knowledge. Through the same knowledge, he concluded that the markets won't have the evolutionary materials that Leila needs. Items with life force aren't exactly common, also.

Vincent's brows furrowed. He asked, "How much time does she have left?"

"Her life force will run out before midnight," Old Miller uttered the hard truth without any remorse.

The news was too much to bear for Leila's little brother.

Peter's happiness deflated and he was further devasted. He fell to the ground, his head buried in his hands. She was his sister, and just the thought of losing her was killing him from the inside.

Vincent, on the other hand, pondered about how much they meant to him.

The past four months were enough to deepen their relation considerably.

He was reminded of Peter's confident laughter and Leila's gentleness hidden behind the expression and cold face.

If nothing is done, she will die from life force exhaustion. The young boy might lose his smile, also.

Did he want to see that?

The answer was in his cold mind.


A few moments later, Vincent decided to take a stand.

"Trust me, I will go to the Silver Moon Island to obtain magical herbs filled with life force. Uncle, please keep her alive until I return with a magic herb that can help Leila."

As soon as he said those words, gratitude filled Peter's heart. He said, "I will come with you."

To save Leila, Peter was ready to brace danger.

"You are going nowhere. Just stay here. Because having to protect you while fighting the beasts will be quite troublesome. Trust me on this one," Vincent harshly turned down Peter's help with a shrug.

Truth is, Peter was too weak. He will die without a doubt in Silver Moon island.

Peter bit his lips and clutched his hands. He knew that although his words were harsh they were true nonetheless.

"If I can't be of any help then I also won't be a burden. Brother, everything rests in your hands. Please save her." Peter said as Vincent nodded.


Old Miller shook his head and said,

"I can use my healing ability and items to continuously nourish her body and I will do my best to keep her alive until your return, but you better not sacrifice yourself out there. If it is dangerous then just return empty-handed. If something happens to you, I won't be able to show my face to my friends in the afterlife. Don't push yourself too hard."

Old Miller wasn't the main supporter of the 33rd vanguard battalion for no reason. He can heal both minor and major wounds by using his ability and even use major buffs on himself and his allies to increase their physical capabilities. Moreover, the aspect of nourishing a body was far different than healing wounds, and that alone made him special among healers.

"Nothing will happen to me. You're the one who trained me, after all. I will go and prepare," Vincent said with a smile before walking out of the room, and he then headed straight to his room to equip himself with the equipment he purchased for the military academy entrance examination.

Old Miller, on the other hand, decided to decrease Leila's discomfort and pain to the minimum degree.

"Shadow, hurry up and bring me the health recovery serums stored in the third cabinet of the addict room."

"Yes, Sir!" Peter dashed out of the room, heading up the stairs to go to the room where the medicines were stored.

A while later, Peter dashed to Old Miller with heath recovery serums in his hand.

"Hopefully, this serum made from troll blood will provide her with enough life force to last for a while, and then I will use my ability till Vincent return." Old Miller said before applying the reddish-green serum over her body.

In the very next second, one could see the wrinkles on her body vanishing at a visible rate.

This serum was made out of troll's blood.

Old Miller created this serum while serving as a supporter in the vanguard army.

It could be sold for a good amount of price as it is used to mainly heal severe and fatal wounds.

However, he used it on Leila without a single moment of hesitation.

This just showed how concerned he really was despite his lighthearted attitude.

'The effect of this portion will last for an hour or so. After that, I will need to continuously heal her until Vincent returns.' Old Miller's eyes brightened as he went out of the room and down the stairs to see Vincent off.

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