《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 6: Old Miller's Guidance


After the sudden emergence of magic power, the very world itself changed as the land expanded. Earth became ten times bigger than before, and the magic power radiating from Earth also expanded the moon to an adequate size.

Cloud Tower City, United States, Earth's federation Western Region!

Cloud Tower City is a famous city ruled by the lord of clouds–Leighton–who is a powerful evolutionary and also a high-class noble. The reason for the city's popularity was Silver Moon island. The Silver Moon island was about eight hundred kilometers south of Cloud Tower City. It is a very large island dotted with trees, spanning more than a thousand miles. The island has an abundance of magical beasts and herbs.

The powerful beasts resided in the depths of the island. Thus, as long as one does not venture too deeply into the woods, Silver Moon Island was an excellent training ground for low-level evolvers.

Furthermore, a lot of mercenaries and adventures gather in this city, and venture into the Silver Moon island to hunt magical beasts and gather magical herbs. Magical beasts and herbs are sold for a good amount of price, after all, but a month's worth of income can be earned in mere days. Most of the residents residing in the nearby cities largely depended on the island for their livelihood, also. Above all that, the cities earn a great amount of revenue by imposing a percentage tax on the yearly income of the adventurers and mercenaries who regularly hunt in the silver moon Island.

Old Miller's Orphanage is located in the Northern District of Cloud Tower City. Old Miller was a retired soldier, who opened an orphanage to fulfill his dream. The goal of the orphanage was to provide a haven for the poor orphans, and Old Miller would also regularly train the young boys and girls. His military-grade lessons not only increased their chances of joining the military academy but also increased their chances of staying alive in the fields, in case they failed the entrance examination of the military academy.

"Train your body to its limits. A strong body with a healthy heart can absorb a higher quantity of magic power. That isn't the only benefit of physical training. The stronger and healthier your body the better your level of sensitivity to Magic Power in the surrounding!" Old Miller said to Vincent and the other orphans.


In the wide training field behind Miller's orphanage, Vincent and few orphans continued performing push-ups. They would perform 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats after running 10 miles, every day. This was a part of their daily training, and although their body was completely covered in sweat, they continued with gritted teeth.

"Good! Keep on working hard." Old Miller praised before reminding them. "The first test of the Military Academy entrance examination has always been the same. Whether you pass it or not, will be determined by your level of sensitivity to Magic Power in the surrounding. The higher one's sensitivity to magic power, the greater his talent. And only talented individuals are accepted by the military academy! Do you understand?!"

In response to his words, the teenagers shouted: "We understand!"

Gratitude was vivid in their eyes. It's because it wasn't common information that physical training can increase sensitivity to magic power. However, Old Miller shared their knowledge with them, and also trained them to the best of his abilities.

Although they were tired, they didn't give up. Because if they can be enrolled in the military academy at the age of 15, they will have proper standing and it will become easier to climb the social ladder. They can improve their status by performing to the best of their ability in the academy, after all, but first, they need to pass the entrance exam.

"Those of you who are out of breath, relax for five minutes before running around the track ten times."

"Peter, you are strong but you lack balance. Perform ten deep squats every thirty meters while running around the track. Leila, if you may please look after him."

Peter was an average, black-haired boy with brown eyes and short black hair. He was Leila's brother, and although they were twins, he was the younger brother as he was born a moment too late. He was wearing a white shirt, dark trousers, and a pair of matching color joggers.

"Yes, sir!" Peter and Leila said out loud simultaneously.

"Vincent, come here, I need to talk to you about something."


Old Miller instructed the teenagers before calling Vincent who was dashing through the track with an incredible speed.

"Sir, what is it?" Vincent asked once he reached before Old Miller.

"How is your progress?"

"Physically, I am already nearly three times stronger than an average human. My magic power has progressed as intended. Furthermore, I can now create magic bullets made out of magic power by using the somatic method."

Vincent continued,

"My progress with the combat technique hasn't seen a problem, either. I have learned both the Blinking Step and Charged strike. I have wholly memorized the breathing patterns that can lower one's presence. Plus, I have gained a far better understanding of the viper hunt combat technique. However, I don't know why I can no longer increase my battle energy. It's stuck at 30 units. No matter how hard I train in my family's training technique, it does not budge. I feel like I am facing an unbreakable wall."

Vincent was dissatisfied with himself as according to his initial plan, he should have been able to generate more than 30 units of battle energy in his body when he was sixteen. But in reality, he was stuck at 30 units of battle energy.

His father's battle technique taught the creation and manipulation of the energy called Battle Energy. It's used to increase the strength of the body. Battle energy is also used to perform transcendental-grade combat techniques.

Old Miller, on the other hand, smiled widely not the least bit disappointed by his response. On the contrary, he thought that Vincent was a real genius.

First off, Mana Bullet was a technique he came up with within twenty years, but Vincent has learned it in only four months!

If he wasn't a genius, then what was he?

"Boy, don't be disappointed. Your progress is extremely impressive." Old Miller praised Vincent before continuing: "Besides, battle energy is created inside the body when a person trains their body to the limit while breathing in magic power. It can be used to transcend physical limits and execute transcendental grade combat techniques. 30 units of battle energy can increase your base strength by 3 times as long as your body is strong enough to endure the battle pressure!"


Hearing his words, Vincent expressed partial shock.

"How do you know all this, are you also a battle master?"

He thought that Old Miller, who used magic techniques, might have never sought to train as a battle master—a term collectively used for everyone that does extreme exercise such as 100+km sprint or 1000 push-ups while breathing magic power in a unique rhythm to give birth to battle energy in their body.

"Nope, but my friend was one. He was none other than your father. He taught me a lot about battle master as I used to be hungry for knowledge." Old Miller said with a smile as the picture of the captain of his squad popped up in his mind.

"Now, let me explain why you can't produce more than 30 units of battle energy. Listen carefully, the body is the vessel that contains battle energy. If it's filled to the brim then what do you think will happen?"

As soon as he said those words, Vincent's eyes brightened in thoughtful glitters.

"The vessel won't be able to contain the excess amount of battle energy and the excess amount will seep out of the body."

Old Miller nodded signifying that he was correct.

"That's exactly what will happen! Your vessel is filled to the brim with battle energy. That's why you can't contain more than 30 units of battle energy in your body. Now, you need to expand this vessel. Only then will you be able to contain more than 30 units of battle energy in your body!"

"But how do I do that?" Vincent asked.

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