Bound To Him Chapter 22


Hardin got the tickets for the movie. He was waiting in front of Ava's dorm. Hardin was really looking forward to spending some time with Ava.

"Hardin! You're here!" Kelly screamed excitedly when she saw him.


"Well, I'm ready to go," Kelly said, giving Hardin's shoulder a friendly pat.

"Where's Ava?" Hardin asked. When he didn't see Ava he panicked for a second, thinking maybe Ava canceled their plans at the last moment.

"Well, she was working on her assignment before I came down. She'll be here soon," Kelly explained.

Kelly was really giddy. She never imagined this could happen. If you think about it, a few months ago he was just somebody she could gaze at from afar, but now they're watching a movie together. Yes, they are not on a date, but it's close enough to one.

"Let's go!" Ava said coming towards them.

"I'm glad you could make it," Hardin relaxed and gave a big smile to Ava.

There was a long line when they got to the movie theater and since they already had their tickets, they just went to their VIP seats.

Hardin wanted to sit next to Ava, but Kelly beat him to it. "Ava, I want to sit in the middle," Kelly said, acting like a child. Hardin was very angry, but he just sighed. What could he do?

Kelly did not intend to separate Ava and Hardin. She just wanted to sit in between her two favorite people.

Kelly had a very bad habit of talking while watching a movie, and Ava had since learned to ignore her when she did that. She got irritated the first time she went to the movies with Kelly because she thought she needed to pay attention to her the whole time, so Ava missed the whole movie.


The movie started, and Kelly started to comment on everything.

"See that daring stunt? Do you think they used a body double?

Wow, that is so romantic.

The hero is so dashing.

Omg, I like her dress.

Why did he die? why? Kelly was sobbing.

Please wake up ….," Kelly commented on each part of the movie as she got completely involved in the plot.

Hardin didn't know about her habit and was getting annoyed. "Kelly, people want to watch the movie too. Stop talking. You're disturbing them," Hardin said a little irritated.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help but feel sad when the hero was in the hospital," Kelly said, wiping her tears. She was not bothered that Hardin was irritated with her.

Eva chuckled and knew Kelly was in her own world most of the time and was unconsciously insensitive to other people's feelings.

Hardin felt this movie outing was a very bad idea. First, he couldn't sit beside Ava, and now Kelly was incessantly talking. Not all hope was lost because he had an idea.

He smirked, "Kelly why don't you go and get us some snacks."

"Sure, I'll go get some," Kelly said absentmindedly.

"The snacks are free with VIP tickets. They have a wide variety of snacks, you won't want to miss them," Hardin added, seeing that Kelly did not seem to hear him before.

"Ohh.. really? I'm gonna go get us snacks," Kelly never said no to free food, so she got up right away.

"I hope you don't mind Kelly too much. She always talks when she watches movies. Just ignore her, and you'll be fine," Ava said softly, smiling at him.

Seeing Ava smile, Hardin's mood became pleasant. Hardin moved and sat next to Ava, "Really? I should have figured that out when she wouldn't stop the first time," he said. Now he was smiling.


"I like hanging out with you," Hardin said in a sensual tone giving her a hint.

"Yeah, it's nice that all three of us can hang out together like this," Ava said casually as her eyes were on the screen, and she did not notice the change in Hardin's face.

Hardin thought Ava was really naive and innocent. She did not get any of his hints. He was going to work harder than he thought. It was going to be hard, but Ava was going to be worth it. For now, he will concentrate on sitting close to her like this. Hopefully, this will not be the first time.

Lily was also in the same movie theatre. She came with a guy who had been continuously pestering her for weeks. She didn't really like this guy, or any guy really. She just liked the gifts they gave her.

He was not rich. She expected the guys she dates to pamper her and give her expensive gifts. Lily rejected him a lot of times, but he never took no for an answer. She finally told him to get lost because he can't afford to date her.

He was very heartbroken and disappeared for a while, when he returned, he was dressed in highly fashionable clothes. He told her that he came into some money, and now that he was rich, maybe she would agree to date him.

He got her expensive gifts and took her to fancy places. Then Lily thought, why should she waste the benefits. She agreed to go to the movies but was incensed when they didn't get VIP tickets.

They were sitting a few rows back from where Ava and Harding were sitting. She got very jealous. Why does Ava get everything?

She always wanted to date Hardin. He was after all the most popular guy in school. She did everything to get close to him, but he never acknowledged her presence.

She was okay when Hardin ignored her because he wasn't really dating anybody. She thought she still had a chance. But lately, she's been seeing him hanging out with Kelly and Ava, and that irritated her.

"Why do I have to work so hard for everything? Ava is rich and pampered already, why do they still flock to her and pamper her. Why can't I just get what I want?" she was fuming.

What Lily didn't know was that people have their own battles to fight whether they were rich or poor.

The wrong path may get you momentary gain, but you can never find true happiness.

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