Bound To Him Chapter 21


Natasha came to see Tristan directly after attending a meeting with her father. She was dressed in business attire. Her ensemble was composed of a grey pencil skirt with a white, crisp shirt, black pumps, and her hair tied in a high ponytail. She exuded maturity and class.

"Hi! I am Natasha, and I'm here to see Tristan," she said, as she approached the receptionist.


The receptionist received flowers the past few weeks from Natasha. She had delivered the flowers to her boss, so she knew that Natasha was probably someone important.

"Mr. Ambrosio is in a meeting right now, but I think it will be okay for you to go in," the receptionist said.

Natasha walked into his office and in a singsong voice, called out his name, "Tristan."

Jack was standing beside Tristan, showing him the documents he needed to sign and to verify. Tristan checked something on his computer when he lifted his head and frowned at Natasha.

"What are you doing here?" he asked rudely. He hated it when people disturbed him while he was working.

"I wanted to see you, it's been a while," Natasha said, smiling even after Tristan's rude question.

"I'm busy with work right now. Wait outside," Tristan said dismissively, and he went back to looking at his computer.

"I know you're busy, but can't you spare any time for me?" she asked coquettishly. She always reeled guys in with this remark, and it never failed.

Tristan ignored her and just continued working.

Jack knew that Miss Natasha was trying to hit on his boss. He had seen a lot of these women trying to get his attention before, and nobody has succeeded. Now, this wealthy heiress was doing the same.

Seeing Tristan not responding to her, she became angry and clenched her teeth. She did not appreciate being humiliated in front of his PA.


"You! Get out! I want to talk to Tristan alone," Natasha commanded.

Jack didn't move. He knows that the only person that can make him leave is Tristan. He looks to him for confirmation.

"Wait outside," Tristan instructed Jack. He wanted to clear everything out with Natasha.

"Now tell me what you want. Be quick, I don't have a lot of time," Tristan said annoyingly. He cannot understand how dense this woman is. How many times does he need to reject her?

"Tristan, please don't be like this," she pouted.

"I missed you. I thought you'd call me after our date at the cafe, but you never called me. I am angry with you, go away!" Natasha pretended to be angry.

"Did you not understand what I told you that day? I am not interested in marrying you." Tristan said in a cold tone.

"Tristan, how can you just say it like that? Like you don't even want to try? Why don't we try it out?" Natasha stood beside his chair.

"I think you have a weak memory. Didn't I tell you not to call me by my first name?" he mocked.

"Tell me why you don't like me? I can change it." Natasha pleaded. She always thought she was perfect. But for Tristan. She would do anything. She was even willing to change herself.

"Well I don't like the whole you, so please stop wasting my time," Tristan hated women who would go to any length just to get what they want. They were even willing to change themselves. "Grow a backbone," he thought.

Natasha curled her fist. She wanted to scream at him. "I am an heiress, and everyone loves me. I can have anyone, but you're rejecting me. What do I need to do?" she thought, seething with anger.


"I'm only doing this for my parents. Once I become Mrs. Ambrosia you will see who's the boss," she thought.

"Do you like someone?" Natasha asked. As per her investigation, there were no reports of him liking anyone. She's never even heard of any gossip linking him with anyone.

She heard he treated all women the same way, very coldly. When she learned this, she thought, maybe it wasn't her after all. Maybe he just disliked women in general. "Maybe if I persist enough, he's going to eventually like me," she smiled inside, encouraged.

"I don't see why it's any of your business, "Tristan raised one of his eyebrows and asked unperturbed.

"Tristan, I just…," Natasha said touching his shoulder.

"Get away from me," he pushed her as he stood up from his seat.

She was surprised and fell to the floor. "I've never felt so humiliated in my life," tears of shame welling up her eyes.

Standing up without Tristan's help she felt bad for herself. "Why don't you like me? I'm doing all of this for you, and yet you push me away," she sniffed and walked towards the door.

Tristan stood there looking unconcerned. He did not feel guilty pushing her away. She crossed the limits several times. He was explicit when he told her he was not interested in marrying her. "What did she not get? How much more explanation does she need," he was exasperated.

"Wait!" Tristan called.

Natasha's heart fluttered. "Finally, he has changed his mind. I knew something would work eventually. I didn't know tears were the answer to my prayers," she thought, very hopeful.

"He probably felt guilty that he pushed me." She felt triumphant.

She turned around slowly, looking at him with hopeful eyes. She had the perfect plan. She won't accept his apology right away. She was going to act coy and tell him that she will accept his apology only if he takes her out on a date.


"Never send me flowers again," Tristan said in a stern voice.

Her tiny ray of hope was shattered. She could not control her tears. Natasha started sobbing heavily as she ran out the door.

She heard Tristan was ruthless, but she didn't think he'd be like that to her. How could he be so cold? She ran out of the building trying. She wanted to avoid all their pitiful stares.

People in the building saw her as she ran out. They knew that she was just another notch in the long line of women who pestered their boss.

Tristan called Jack back in. "Inform the receptionist that from now on, Natasha is not allowed to come into my office again," he said.

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