Bound To Him Chapter 20


Tristan had a lot of business meetings and his schedule was fully hectic. He's been working a lot and didn't have time for anything else. When he gets busy he would usually just stay in the office. He had a private room adjoining his office he could use for such emergencies.

When he came to his office, there were flowers on his desk. "Who sent these roses?" Tristan asked PA Jack.


On his desk was a bunch of neatly wrapped red roses. There was a note attached to it saying, "Hope you have a good day."

Red roses represented love and passion, so Tristan knew it was probably from a woman. "Boss Miss Natasha had sent these to you," Jack replied.

"What?" Tristan had many business associates that sent him flowers to wish him well or congratulating him on finalizing business deals.

Other young and beautiful women would send him flowers to get his attention. They're women he met once and had never seen or ever heard of again. He never encouraged them but they'd still send flowers.

"Miss Natasha had been sending you flowers for the past few days," PA Jack replied in a meek voice.

"And you still did not take care of it?" Tristan became angry. He did not like these women to think that he was encouraging them.

"Boss, she told me your grandparents had selected her as your bride. Since you were so busy with meetings I didn't want to bother you, and ask you if it was true," Jack explained.

"Take these flowers and throw them away. Never place flowers from anyone on my desk again," Tristan commanded in an angry tone.

Tristan hated that some women never took rejection gracefully. They think of it as a challenge and just keep on pestering him.


Tristan has seen Natasha's type before. She was greedy, she only wanted him because of his status and his money. Her type always ended up ruining other people's lives.

"Sure, I will take care of it," Jack replied. He should have known. He has never seen Tristan attracted to anyone before except for Ava. Though, he still doesn't know where that is going.

Tristan's grandparents called him to ask about his blind date with Natasha. He told his grandfather he was not interested in marrying her.

His grandfather was okay with his decision and did not think he should force him. But his grandmother was a little emotional about it. She told him that he met Natasha once and that wasn't enough to pass his judgement.

Grandma had stepped in and arranged a few more dates so they could get to know each other better. Tristan rejected each appointment and stopped taking her calls.

Natasha was at the entrance of Tristan's office. She had decided today she would go and visit him at work. She had thought that since his grandma kept on setting up appointments for them, he would eventually come around and change his mind.

Surely, he cannot be different from any other man.

Other guys died to be with her. Natasha had everything beauty, status and intelligence.Guys always around her worshiped her.

Many people proposed her and even though she rejected them multiple times they came crawling back to her. She was very arrogant and thought all men were slaves to her beauty.

She expected the same treatment from Tristan as other men but who knew Tristan was different. Later she got to know that Tristan was very cold and different and was never interested in any women.

After she went home her parents asked what the response of Tristan regarding the marriage is. She told them that he is rude and rejected her.


Natasha told that even she did not want to marry him as there were better men out there who were dying to marry her. But her parents scolded her and told Tristan Ambrosio is not like any other men out there.

He belongs to one of the aristocratic families. His wealth in the country cannot match to anyone. They told her the benefits of marrying Tristan and the lifestyle she could have.

As Natasha was abroad for the last few years, she was not fully aware about Tristan's wealth. Their family business will be doubled ten times after the marriage.

Her father told her it's once in a lifetime opportunity to get a chance like this and she should definitely utilize it correctly. Many businessmen tried to marry their daughters to Tristan Ambrosio but they were not successful.

Natasha's father with so much difficulty formed a friendly relation with Tristan's grandparents .Natasha's father was clever and unlike others he did not offer his daughters hand for marriage with Tristan.

He casually pointed out about Natasha's good qualities and praised about her achievements and character. He wanted Ambrosio group to invest in his business but Tristan rejected as his plan was not good. So he thought to use his daughter to make his business more profit.

Tristan's grandmother was impressed and wanted to arrange blind date for them. Tristan grandfather was very clever and did not favor anyone immediately.

Her father told that she should consider herself lucky that she caught Tristan's grandmother's eye. Natasha should not waste her father's effort and try to make Tristan like her.

Her mother told that men who are usually cold to others, once they fall in love they will became soft like water and pamper their loved ones like anything.

Natasha thought Tristan is also a man he may be slow to get attracted to her but he cannot be immune to her charms forever.

She knew she should work hard a little and makes Tristan fall in love with her. Once he is in love with her she will take control of his assets and make him dance on her fingertips.

Natasha's ego got hurt when for the first time some guy rejected her ruthlessly. She had a plan in her mind to trap him and make him her slave.

She agreed to court Tristan after listening to her parent's advice as she wanted to become the richest person wife and lead a luxury life.

Natasha thought she will proceed her plan slowly so that Tristan will not get irritated and reject her directly. She sent flowers for the past few days to hint Tristan her interest in him.

But there was no reply from him. She got angry but controlled her anger as she remembered the luxury she will get later.

So she had come here to meet him and follow her next step. She had been a very prideful person but she swallowed her pride and ready to make Tristan like her by hook or crook.

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