Bound To Him Chapter 18


"Kelly, what are you talking about?" Lily pretended to ask in a confused tone.

"Oh, you know what I'm talking about. Don't be coy," Kelly mocked her.


"Do you believe I am that sort of person?" Lily asked in a pitiful tone. Lily tried to act innocent. She always acted this way to fool others.

How could you say no to a beautiful girl with tears in her eyes? Lily had many tricks up her sleeve to get anything she wanted.

"Yes, I believe you are," Kelly knew about Lily's true colors and did not fall in her trap.

Lily was humiliated twice by Kelly. She was so angry she left the room.

Lily thought, "Nobody humiliates me like this and gets away with it. I'll have my day. You wait and see."

"Kelly, I think she just wanted to hang out with us," Ava said, feeling sorry for Kelly.

"Ava, she was trying to fool us. She is a two-faced bitch," Kelly thought Ava was too innocent sometimes, she doesn't know when people are trying to take advantage of her.

Ava came from a rich and well-protected family, so she was not exposed to the cruelty of society. Unlike Kelly, who had to fight to get anything she needed.

"Don't believe her," Kelly warned Ava.

"Do you want to know what happened last week? Lily took a girl to the mall to go shopping for clothes. When it was time to pay, she pretended to have forgotten to bring her credit card. She made the other girl pay the bill and told her she would pay her later," Kelly explained.

"Maybe she really forgot her credit card," Ava tried to justify.

" So as they were coming out of the store, someone knocked Kelly over. the contents of her purse fell out, and there was her credit card," Kelly said. Matter of factly.

"Ava, be wary of her and do not trust her," Kelly was just worried about her good friend Ava.


"Okay, I believe you," Ava said with a small smile.

"You have always been a very good friend, and I don't want people taking advantage of you," Kelly hugged Ava.

Lily was thinking about all the options she could use to pass the next test. She can't have backlogs as it will affect her final year aggregate. Then she will never be able to get a good job.

She took a deep breath to calm her thoughts.

"How do I often get out of her problems? Who are we manipulating, sweet-talking, or seducing this time?" she thought. Lily gave an evil smile, and she knew what she had to do to achieve her goal.

She went to the restroom and opened her makeup pouch. It's time to doll herself up.

Lily applied dark red lipstick. Spritzed on some of her most expensive perfume, and let down her hair. She re-applied her makeup to make her look more sultry and opened a few more buttons on her top.

She looked in the mirror and saw that she got the look she wanted. She was feeling absolutely sexy.

She went to the physics department. She went to Mr. Scott's office, holding her physics paper.

Lily knocked on the door, "Mr. Scott? May I come in?" Lily asked in a low tone.

"Come in," Mr. Scott replied. He didn't bother to lift his head since he was finishing a document on his laptop.

"Mr. Scott, I have a question about my paper, can you please help me check it?" Lily pleaded and gave him her paper.

He just took her paper without even bothering to look at her. "Here's another one of these students. How can I finish my work if they keep on interrupting me?"

"What's your question?" Mr. Scott asked, bored.

"I think I should have gotten more points for this question here," pointing out to a random question that was marked wrong.

Mr. Scott looked up and finally noticed Lily. "Well, well, well, she looks very beautiful today. Did she put on makeup? There's something different about her," he thought as he stared.


"Let me check your paper," he said, not really concentrating on what she was pointing at. He just wanted to stare at her.

"Please let me know my mistake, so I can correct it next time," Lily said, coming closer.

Mr. Scoot raised his eyes and looked up at her again. "Look at those nice juice red lips. Hello there! They look so ready to be kissed," he thought lustfully.

Lily came closer leaning into him, showing more of her cleavage. She knew she had his attention.

"Professor, how about this one here?" pointing to another item, this time moving closer to him.

She was so close he couldn't help but look down her shirt. He started loosening the neck of his shirt. "It's getting hot in here," he thought.

Getting the reaction she wanted she smiled triumphantly, "I got him. It was easier than I thought."

"Mr. Scott? Have you identified my mistake," She leaned in some more, her boob almost touching his arm.

Mr. Scott got a whiff of her perfume and could not think properly. He was in his 50's and having a young hot girl with her boobs almost in his face was clouding his brain.

"Uhm…," clearing his throat, "You have to make sure you note down the items I discuss in class. Those are the things I ask for in the test," Mr. Scott explained.

"But sir, I'm not that good at taking down notes. I can't concentrate when I'm in your class. Can I borrow your notes? Please….," She said in a pleading tone.

She used her cutesy, pleading, I'm so helpless voice that always made the person listening give in to her demands. And it worked on him as well. Who could say no to a very beautiful, helpless girl?

"Su... sure why not. If that will help you pass the test, then I will give you my notes," he stammered and immediately agreed. He felt so awkward in front of her.

"Aww, really? Thank you so much, sir!" Lily bit her lower lip, ending her drama with one of her special effects. She was ecstatic that she got what she wanted.

While taking back the paper, Lily pretended to accidentally touch his hand.

Mr. Scott had goosebumps running up and down his arm.

Lily knew she had made an impression. She will get the notes, and it will help her. She just needed to study them and get a good mark to make up for her other tests.

She didn't have any other agenda than to flirt with him. She likes younger guys. He was definitely way too old for her.

Lily smirked as she walked out of his office. She always knew she could count on her beauty to get what she wanted.

The professor could not concentrate on his work after she left. The scent of her perfume was still lingering in his office, and he couldn't help but keep on thinking about her.

He always treated his students with respect, and he has always lived an honorable life.

Now that he was older, he felt lonely most days. At home, his wife concentrated on their children, which made him feel left out.

Getting attention from such a pretty girl made him feel special again. Like when he was younger. He could not get her image out of his head. He wanted to bite her sultry red lips. And that cleavage, oh... he was wondering how it would feel to touch them.

He never gave anyone his notes. They were college students. They were not supposed to be spoon-fed like small school kids.

But seeing Lily dressed like that, with her standing so close to him got him distracted and made him blindly agree to her requests. He never even thought about the consequences.

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