Bound To Him Chapter 17


Ava was in the physics lab. She was performing the experiments and was busy writing down the readings from the equipment. She was carefully executing the experiments so that she would not destroy the machines.

"Ava, did you get the correct readings?" Kelly asked.


Kelly was very much an overachiever who easily got bothered every time she didn't get the highest mark. There are only two things that she loved, it was her studies and food.

She can be described as pretty, she had a few guys who were interested, but she wasn't really popular like Lily or Ava. But they always gave her a second glance when she passed by.

She was skinny but not overly so for her height of 5.5 feet. Her round face was framed by her dark-rimmed glasses. She looked like she still had baby fat, but the glasses and her radiant smile covered that up.

She dresses conservatively because she did not have too much money to spend on clothes like everyone around her. She wasn't rich like everyone else, and the money that she earned was just enough to take care of her bills.

"Yes, well, I got readings that are not as accurate as yours, but it's not too far off," Ava replied. She studied well, but she was not really an overachiever. She didn't burn the midnight oil as Kelly did.

On the other side of the lab, Lily tried to set up the physics equipment and tried to get the reading multiple times but she failed. She was not a very bright student.

"Hmm, I tried to set up the wires but I couldn't do it. Can you help me," Lily said to the guy sitting next to her. She used her beauty to get things done all the time, so this was not new to her.

"Yes sure... Uhm... tell me where... you Uhm... encountered the problem," he stammered.

He was on cloud nine. Lily the hottest girl in college was talking to him. Lily was very sexy, and guys always hovered around to talk to her.


"Well, this wire here seems to be giving me the wrong result," Lily pointed out. She always made someone do her work. She was very lazy, and even if she knew how to do it, she would still find someone to do it for her.

"Here I'm done. Now you can do the rest of your experiment," the guy said after fixing the wire.

Lily looked at the machine and still could not understand how to take the readings. Lily was thinking, this dumb guy has done so much. Why not take further advantage of him.

Lily put her hand on his shoulder and leaned into him. With her mouth near his ear, she said in a flirty tone, "Can you help me complete the experiment? It really confuses me a lot. I'll be right beside you. So I can watch what you are doing."

The guy was so happy that she was touching him and whispering in his ear. He was willing to do anything for her. Experiments were nothing to him. He felt he was so lucky that the girl everyone had the hots for was sitting so close to him.

Mr. Scott came to the physics lab. He was a good and well-educated teacher. He was a little strict regarding his class and doesn't readily give out extra points.

"Attention everyone!" Mr. Scott cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. All the students became silent and were nervous seeing the papers in his hand.

"Oh god! I hope I scored the highest marks," Kelly was twisting her fingers and whispered to Ava. Kelly's education depends entirely on her scholarship.

"Well, now the scores will be revealed. Those who have gotten their aggregate of the last two tests below 40% be careful. You have one more chance to make it up. The aggregate in next month's test. If you have got less than 40% in all the three tests then you failed in physics," Mr. Scott said


"The highest mark is 97 and that goes to Kelly," Mr. Scott started distributing the paper.

Everyone applauded. Kelly was very happy and went to take the paper.

"Ava, what grade did you get?" Kelly asked.

"I got 96," Ava said. Happy for herself. She didn't mind not getting the highest mark. She was glad that her hard work had paid off.

Lily got her physics paper and she was devastated when she saw her grade.

She got the lowest mark. She calculated the aggregate of two papers as 30%, and she was not that confident that she would be able to score well in the third test. She was getting scared, "What in hell am I going to do if I do not pass this class?"

She had to do everything she could to pass it. She knew her brains were not going to get her there, but she knew her beauty might be able to help her.

Lily saw that Kelly the nerd got the highest score. She thought of asking Kelly for help.

"Hi, Ava! Kelly, " Lily greeted both.

Ava just smiled and Kelly just stared at her.

"Hey Kelly, congratulations on topping the test," Lily said with a fake smile.

"Thanks," Kelly said seemingly bored.

"I could not understand some of the concepts. Do you have any notes I could borrow? Or maybe can you help teach me for the next test?" Lily asked in a pitiful tone.

Kelly never liked Lily. Kelly came from an average family and entered this college through a scholarship grant. Being poor, Lily and her friends always mocked her for her clothing.

"Oh look, the mighty Kelly wants something from me. I want you to beg," Kelly said arrogantly.

"Plus, I don't have time," Kelly looked at her mobile. She knew Lily would never come to talk to her to be nice. She always had a purpose when she was being nice to someone.

"How did you get such a high mark?" Lily asked.

"Well, unlike somebody I know, I studied," Kelly mocked her. Everyone knew Lily would rather flirt with guys than study.

"Kelly …..," Lily clenched her fists to control her anger. That's when she noticed Ava, who was quietly writing something in her book.

Ava was very rich and beautiful, and Lily had always been jealous of her. How could she have everything? She hated that the boys liked her too.

She was supposed to be the only one they wanted. It pissed her off because Ava didn't even need to do anything. She just stood there innocently, and the men fell on her feet.

Lily thought Ava was just putting on this innocent act so the guys would want her. "Who could be that naive? Then again, if she is that nice and friendly, maybe I could ride on that bandwagon and enjoy the benefits," Lily thought.

Ava never talked too much with her though, so she did not know how to execute her plan. She didn't think Ava would fall for any of her flattery.

Kelly, on the other hand, was stopping her from being close to Ava. She was the only person that saw through her plans and managed to talk back to her. "She was too smart for her own good," Lily thought.

"Ava, I was thinking, maybe we could hang out sometimes," Lily started to shift her attention to Ava. Lily clenched her jaw and pasted on her fake smile.

She never in a million years would have even wanted to be nice to Ava, but she needed her, she was desperate.

"Do you mean you want Ava to take you out and pay for the bill," Kelly interjected before Ava could say anything.

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