Bound To Him Chapter 16


"How are you getting back to your college?" Tristan asked, knowing Ava had come to the restaurant with Hardin.

"I'm taking a taxi," Ava replied.


"No need. I will drop you off," Tristan wanted to use this opportunity to drop her off. Actually, he was happy that he got another chance to spend more time with Ava, now that Hardin left.

"Oh, I don't want to trouble you," Ava said, refusing his offer. She thought that he was hindering her from her plans.

"Oh, believe me. You will never be a trouble to me," Tristan clucked. How could this innocent girl ever trouble anyone?

Ava felt like his message had a hidden meaning. Sometimes she didn't understand what he meant. He had a maturity that was beyond his age. She could not read him easily.

He always trapped her. It was hard to answer his questions. So far she learned that he would never take no for an answer. He had a dominating presence and did whatever he wanted.

He thought she was so naive and innocent that anyone can take advantage of her. She needed someone to protect her. A few of the socialite daughters he met were mean and bratty. Not everyone was bad, but Ava was different.

Ava's father was a well-known businessman, and he had given every comfort to his daughters. He had never met anyone like Ava, who was so pure and untainted by the evils of society.

He wanted to protect her purity. She was so delicate, just like a flower, she should be handled very carefully. A little harshness, and it might wither.

She never takes advantage of anyone and never wants to burden anyone either. When she talked to him she was very nervous which made her so adorable.


When Jack came back from his supposed phone call he saw his boss, Tristan had a very relaxed expression. He had never seen this expression on his boss's face while talking with other women before. He either had a cold face or a frown. He would also say mean things to the women who tried to flirt with him.

There was an inspection at the office today. Tristan needs to go through the different departments and check on their monthly progress. So he came to remind Tristan to leave early.

"But, I was going to a bookstore," Ava said. Ava sometimes liked to read fiction. She loved getting lost in the fantasy world. She had no classes in the afternoon, so she thought of going out.

"Oh, then let's go," Tristan stated. He would follow Ava wherever she went.

"But Sir ...….," PA Jack interrupted. He wanted to remind his boss about today's monthly review session.

"Let's go," Tristan stated, leaving no room for arguments.

"Which store did you want to go to?" Tristan asked Ava.

"Barnes and Noble in X road," Ava said, this was the store she frequently went to.

The car ride had a companionable silence. Ava was checking her phone and replying to all her messages. Tristan was going through some files on his laptop and answering emails.

"Good afternoon ma'am. Welcome to Barnes and Noble. If you are looking for our latest releases, it will be on that side of the store. Feel free to take a look," the store employee said to Ava.

"I was looking for the book called Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor," Ava said. She had read Strange the Dreamer and she absolutely loved it.

There was something about the author's writing style. Some would describe it as poetic and lyrical. Muse of Nightmares was the sequel to Strange the dreamer, so she wanted that book now.


"Ma'am, let me check, and I will let you know if we have it. In the meantime feel free to check our other books," the employee said and left.

Ava walked around and checked the other books in the fiction section.

"Ma'am I checked our inventory, but unfortunately the book is currently out of stock. Do you want to leave your phone number so we can inform you when we get a copy," the employee said. Muse of Nightmares was a hot-selling book, so it was understandable that it won't be readily available.

Tristan silently followed Ava as she looked at other books. She did not notice Tristan standing behind her.

"Did you get the book you wanted?" Tristan spoke in her ear in a soft tone.

Ava got startled and she dropped the book in her hand.

"What?" she asked, turning around she bumped into Tristan. She took a step back.

"Have you decided what you wanted to buy?" Tristan asked, leaning towards her.

Ava started blushing, her cheeks became slightly red. As Tristan leaned towards Ava, she took another step back and leaned into the bookshelf.

He tried to save Ava from hitting the shelf by pulling her by her shoulders, straightening her back. He observed how soft her body felt.

Ava felt hot, and when he touched her, she felt a weird sensation. She did not know how to react. He was so near. She was always tongue-tied when he was around.

He took a step back, seeing her discomfort.

"Would you mind giving me another second? Are you in a hurry?" Ava asked since he has been with her almost all afternoon

"No take you time, I will be at the entrance," Tristan said and went to the counter.

"Give the counter your number and tell them to give you a call when Ava's book comes in," Tristan said to PA Jack.


"Yes sir," Jack said.

He asked them if he could get an advanced copy with expedite delivery. Money was no object. The store manager was happy and told them he would order the book and have it delivered as soon as possible.

Jack was wondering why his boss was now bothering the bookstore about some romance adventure novel to woo this college girl.

Tristan was one of the people who ruled the economy. He'd never seen his boss bother about useless things before.

Ava was a little absent-minded because of that close encounter with Tristan. She forgot to give her contact number at the counter to order the book. She selected two books and went to the counter to ring them up.

"Let's go," Ava said after picking up the books.

Tristan dropped Ava at her dorm and proceeded to finish his work.

Spending time with Ava pushed his work back, which means he will need to stay later to catch up. But surprisingly, he wasn't feeling tense.

He was calm and pleasant as he walked into his office.

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