The Alpha Prince And His Silver Lone Wolf Chapter 12


[ In the hospital ]

~~~ Selene's POV ~~~


Why is it so dark? I feel so cold. It is like never-ending coldness shrouding all over me.

Why am I seeing my younger self from a distance? I do not want to watch her being bullied by the other kids. I can see her face trying to hold it all back, ALL those pain and tears. She is holding back and does not want to look weak.

I try to approach her but she went somewhere. I followed her and there she is, crying beside on fluffy's fur. Fluffy trying to comfort her but all he can do is whimper with her tears and sadness.

A strong gust of wind made me close my eyes and cover my face.

When I opened my eyes this time, I am bewildered to where I am now because I can see the moment Gerald, my former mate, rejected me as his mate.

I know it seems like I am on a memory lane tour which I do not want to visit at all. I can see how crushed I was that time but seeing it again makes my chest start to hurt from the scene I am witnessing right now.

I may have been rejected for being so weak,

Being younger than him,

Being not originally from their pack,

Being NOT THE ONE he imagined me to be.

That look of disappointment in his eyes, that look of disgust that why should it be me, is so haunting but nothing more painful as words that came out from his mouth broke me into pieces.

Tears won't stop flowing.

I look so pitiful and so absurd for even begging him and kneeling in front of him to take his rejection back.

Despite that, he just went off away from me and left me on the ground. I was getting wet from the rain that was starting to pour.

Another gust of wind takes me off my focus and this time was exactly the moment I did not want to remember at all.

Death of Laquisha, that moment, I closed my eyes because I did not want to see it. I covered my face with my palm.

Even after covering myself, all I can hear was my scream as I flood in tears. That scream I think will haunt anyone that would hear it. I totally broke down that moment, I was totally screaming in tears for realizing that the people I cared the most have left me one by one, on my own.

I can hear further the scream of loss and pain for all the years I suffered under that pack. The ray of light that kept me together and surviving all those years has disappeared.

I kept my eyes closed. I did not want to see that moment where the cold bloody corpse of Laquisha was just in front of me, LIFELESS.

I realized how scared and in pain I was at that moment.

I made a promise to myself to find my older brother after that and never to be weak again.

Being with a mate will only hinder me to achieve my goals.

Being with a mate will only make me weak and only miserable.

Being with a mate will mean I have to become a prisoner under the mate bond.




Good thing I have escaped with fluffy. Oh right !

Fluffy, where are you fluffy? Why am I in this bad memory lane tour ?


I let go of my face and tried to open my eyes. Trying to open it more.

Then I can hear my name a bit while trying to go to that bright flashy light as I try to open my eyes more.

When I finally open my eyes, I can feel some fireworks and a magical feeling holding my hand.

"You are awake! ...


SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR, SHE IS AWAKE !!!!" a heavenly voice ringing out in my ears as I try to gather my rationality and conscience.

My vision tries to wander and check where the hell I am. Where am I?

"Where am I?" I try to let out my weak voice. Feeling my body so sore. I think I am feeling the bruises and the aftermath effect of my battle with that horrendous former henchman.

"Don't force yourself! You lost too much blood and you need to recover. You are in a hospital. My beautiful mate"

Looking at this heavenly presence beside me. He is so handsome in his tanned skin, his ravenous dark hair, and his muscular form. He is being surrounded by this sparkling aura which makes me melt just by looking at him.

Wait! did I hear it right? he just called me mate.

My curiosity had me, so I stared further and I can hear Sylvia wake up.

'Oh, Moon Goddess Luna! He is sooo perfect! I feel so much better now with him holding us like we are the only one that matters!'

'Shut it Sylvia, I am trying to gather my wits here, and why the hell are we in here? I thought we escaped successfully.'

'Obviously, from that wound we had, we blacked out and lost consciousness. Good thing! Our mate found us and got us back. He saved us! Can't you see, Our mate found us and saved us.'

'Just calm down because you making my head spin more.'

I forgot that I have some people around me, especially a guy claiming my mate is beside me. I forgot it all as I try to calm my own wolf down with all her excitement.

"Are you ok? how are you feeling?" this guy really looks familiar. His worried-look making Sylvia unstable more and makes her even more excited that this dude is worried for us.

"Who are you? Who are you people?" curiously asking these people around me which just made them all look at each other and which is clear they are mind-linking to each other.

"I am your mate Alcyd. Do not worry, nobody will hurt you here!"

Oh my God! So it is really happening, me being with my mate and him finding us.

"How did you find me? I was running away from a pack of werewolves and . . ." then it hit me, their scent is the same with those whom I tried to escape from, The Alpha Prince !!!

The ALPHA PRINCE IS MY MATE ? ? ? ! ! ! ! !

'Oh yes! he is !'

Damn it! Why? Why it has to be the Alpha Prince. This will be a difficult mate to run away from.

They realized I am starting to be on the defense and being wary of their presence.

Before anyone could say anything, the doctor entered with some nurse to check my IV liquids and this stuff attached to me which I just realized now that there is some wire-like stuff attached to me and tube-like things.

I can see them analyzing my condition and checking the chart and paper that the doctor is holding.


"How is she doc? She was unconscious for 2 days" My Mate asked the doctor while the doctor was still confirming with the data and the paper she is holding.

I am also shocked that I was unconscious for 2 days.

"Well, her healing abilities are back to normal now, since we have taken out any signs of wolfs-bane in her system.

Though, I must say it is surprising to see she survived after losing much blood and having that amount of wolfs-bane in her system. If it was any normal wolf, that wolf would have died already. You are so fortunate young lady for making it through." my mate looked so serious as the doctor explained my condition further.

The doctor gave her recommendations and advised my mate to what to do. He immediately commanded everyone to do exactly what the doctor asked for and what she advised for him to do.

"By the way, Prince Alcyd, the other werewolf that you brought along with her is also doing fine now and is in stable condition. Looks like my suspicion was right that he is a feral. He won't shift back to his human form even after we injected him medicine for sedation and some herbs for stabilizing nerves.

But he still remained in his wolf form, So basically he is feral by choice. Though, we are curious about the thing attached above to his paws because it looks enchanted since we could not cut it with anything we have thought of."

"Do not worry doc! Just leave it to us. Just make sure that werewolf will be kept sedated. That wolf is not ordinary." My mate informs the Lady Doctor.

As soon as the doctor left, all I can do was analyze the room and how will I be able to escape when I get the chance. How can I get to Fluffy and get both of us out of here?

"Where is Fluffy?" I asked my mate. I can see his expression wondering who I was talking about. Yeah, right they do not know Fluffy, Silly me! "I mean, the werewolf I was with."

My mate's expression changed into something else "You call that feral wolf, fluffy? Why are you asking about him? when you should be worrying your own self especially in the condition that you are in. Why are you with that filthy Feral Wolf in the first place?"

His insult to Fluffy annoyed me and made me raise an eyebrow "Who are you calling filthy? HE HAS A NAME, his name is Fluffy ! and he is a family to me. My remaining Guardian so You better watch what you call him!" My voice was clearly not happy from his remarks

I can see all of them look at my mate. I think all of them are all mind-linking him.

"I am sorry if I called him filthy, It just that I did not like how close and protective that wolf was over you. It supposed to be me protecting you and the way he tried to stop me getting to you was something I also did not like."

I ignored his apology and turned my face the other direction towards the window which was not helping the situation because I can sense his agitation while he was beside me. I could feel his presence getting boiling up as I ignored him further when he is trying to explain himself more.

"Why were you even doing such dangerous stuff ? ….

What pack you are from so I can call your Alpha that you are with me? ….

Why are you even associated with the Rogue Brothers that tried to steal my Royal Pendant ? …"

He could sense I was ignoring him. It is making him more agitated, making it like I am poking a sleeping giant bear that is trying so hard not to go rampage.

So, before he explodes I decided to respond to his query, "I do not belong to any pack. I am on my own. Where are my friends? The two Rogue Brothers you were chasing."

Looks like he decided not to answer me as well since I ignored him for quite some time.

What is he? A grade-schooler? Picking a fight with me for just ignoring him. Well then, he better buckle up because he will not beat me in this one if he wants to fight with me.

There was definitely a rising tension.

"Okay! Okay! Maybe we all need to take a breather and calm down. By the way, I am Garret! I am the Beta of Prince Alcyd and this is my mate, Athena. . ."

Then he introduced the Delta, Gamma and the Commander General of the warriors on their pack. I did not want to remember their names since I really do not care at all right now.

All I care about and going through my mind right now is how will I be able to find Fluffy and escape this place. I need to finish my mission.

"I want to be on my own right now. I feel suffocated with all of you surrounding me in this room. Can I even have that?" I asked the Beta with my tone of request which was definitely not an easy one given that I have annoyed their Alpha.

"Why are you asking my Beta if your mate is just beside you ? !" my mate is clearly agitated and annoyed with the way I am behaving right now.

I just rolled my eyes, acting as childish like my ill-tempered mate.

The Beta quickly understood the situation and grabbed my Alpha Prince mate, he seems to be the most level-headed amongst them. My mate went storming outside the room and all of them left except for the Beta's mate.

She remained seated by the window side making sure I will not pull a stunt like an escape.

I know I should be thankful and grateful to them for saving my life but I will not allow them to distract me from what I should do and in fulfilling my Goals.

First, I need to find out where the heck is Fluffy before I can set my plan for escape.

So much for the first conversation with my mate. Imagine if I stay with him. My life will be filled with bickering and arguing.

'You are so wrong honey! HE IS THE ONE THAT WILL COMPLETE US!'

I rolled my eyes in my mind because I forgot how desperate my wolf can be for our mate's affection.

One thing I am sure right now. I have to get away from my mate and make sure I will be able to achieve my goals.

My eyes started to flash in anticipation and my plotting starts once again.

I loudly told myself that 'Not even an Alpha Prince will hold me down'.

Nobody in this world will be able to tame me....


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