The Alpha Prince And His Silver Lone Wolf Chapter 7


[ In a nearby town, 2 hours away from the recent Tavern Selene been to ]

~~~ Selene's POV ~~~


George and Frederick have become somehow my only friends ever in this forsaken life of mine.

After calling them and telling them to meet up with me here in this town, they are both excited about the mission and the reward.

Though, I had to omit the information about the former henchman being the master of this coven. I only told them about stealing this specific mystery scroll from low time vampire coven and about the humongous reward that awaits us.

These two rogue brothers were so excited about the reward and thinking that we will just steal and run makes them really easy to manipulate.

I know that I sound eerie for tricking them and leaving them out from the most crucial information about the former henchman. Anyways, I only intend them to be my decoy and make a deceptive ruse in making the guards of that coven be distracted while I silently and swiftly infiltrate.

I have the reputation as the Silver Assassin amongst the guild of mercenaries. Especially with the reputation, I made that a silver-haired mercenary can either silently take down targets without being noticed or silently and swiftly steal something without being caught.

No wonder, the brothers always accept my request for collaboration. Especially I give them 70% of the money rewarded. I am not much into the money that is why I give most to the brothers and I know giving this kind of offer is so tempting for anyone to refuse.

I finished studying the blueprint of the hideout of this particular coven of vampires and I already have set the plan of infiltrating the place. I just hope those two will arrive already. We have a long travel to that hideout, especially it will take us days to get to that hideout.

I look around while sitting in the truck that I parked nearby a fast-food restaurant. I better buy something to eat for the trip so that I would not need to go for stopovers. Especially I can sense that there might be some trouble that those two brothers might be bringing along with them.


I walked out and went inside the restaurant and bought something to eat, good enough for me and those brothers that can last for 2 days straight. I look around and it looks like everyone is too preoccupied with their own business.

30 minutes have passed...

After waiting for my order, now I can finally go back to the truck and avoid any possibility of encountering any werewolves who belong to a pack.

In order for me to avoid any possibility of getting trailed by my former pack members.

A year ago,

Meeting the rogue brothers, I found out from them that the Alpha of Midnight Pack is looking for me. So I better cover my tracks or else I will be in trouble.

While walking outside looking around my surrounding, I can feel the wind brush against my hair aside and making me cover my head with the hood of my jacket. As I walk further, someone just pulled me aside on a small pavement.

Before I go Berserk mode, I looked at who the hell pulled me aside " What the Hell! Georgie! Do not surprise me like that. I almost killed you with my own hands "

"I am sorry but I needed to pull you out and get you where no one can see us."

"I was so effing right about some trouble stringing around with you two. Where the heck is Freddie? "

"Being chased by some ruthless pack members with their Alpha."

"WHAAAAT THE F--- GEORGIE ??? !! You know I am avoiding any Werewolf Packs and I am avoiding any attention from ANY PACKS. Why should I keep you both with me if you two are ONLY TROUBLE for me?"

"Oh, come on now! You know you need me and Freddie for your mission right now. Plus, we are your best decoy wolves for this mission. So please, Selene! do not give up on us."

I watched him plead to me cutely like some adorable younger brother. He is 2 years younger than me. Still, our height is not far from each other.


"Fine! wait for me here as I try to get the truck and link your brother to jump behind my truck as we try to escape this town and away from your pursuers"

I started covering my face more with my hood and made a run to my truck so I can get my rendezvous with the brothers.

While I ran my heart out towards my truck, I can sense some eyes wandering around me. Good thing I am covering my face with a mask to avoid any recognition. Once I reached my truck, I hurriedly started the engine and drove my way quickly to my rendezvous with Georgie.

As I get closer to the pavement I left Georgie, I used my telekinetic abilities to open the door on my right automatically with my mind so he can easily jump inside quickly.

Right after he hopped inside, I can see in the rear-view mirror of the truck that there is a car speeding up behind. So after I stepped on the gas, I used my Telekinetic ability to move some parked cars and blocking the path of our pursuers.

"Damn! I forgot your witchy powers can come in handy Selene"

"Just link your brother our location and make him hurry jump behind the truck. I do not know how long I can hold those stupid wolves after you. What kind of trouble your brothers got into this time?"

"Well! Freddie is just waiting 4 blocks from here and it is Freddie who got into trouble with some Alpha Prince. He kinda pissed him off and kinda ruined something that belongs to him."

"WOW! Georgie! Among all the things that both of you can get into, you really chose a ROYALTY to mess with. That is some indeed ROYAL TROUBLE for both of you."

"It is Freddie's fault! not mine. You know I am the good one. By the way, that Alpha is crazy. For such a small thing, he blew up and became scary shit."

I am really surprised by Georgie's naivety "What do you expect Georgie? He has some Alpha blood and not your ordinary Alpha blood. He is an effing Alpha Prince! I am surprised that both of you are still in one piece."

While I drive further away, I can hear someone jumped behind the truck and can smell Freddie's scent.

"About Time! tell your older brother to hold on 'coz I am about to use some tricks on my sleeves to completely throw our pursuers away."

I can hear Georgie yelling at his older brother who is at the back of the truck.

I start my incantation for an amplifying spell for what I am about to do.

From a distance, I stared at a Huge Water Tank, I imagined the image of the water tank in my mind and made the metal foundation crooked and made sure it falls behind us, making the road completely blocked.

I only know a few spells that I use, especially I am bad at the memorization of words. So only a few I know that I could definitely use in my daily encounters.

I sped up my driving as I look ahead of the road.

This journey has definitely become MORE COMPLICATED.

I am pretty sure these two brothers will be chased by that Alpha like crazy. Especially he is known to be ruthless and the strongest General of the Alpha King. I better complete this mission as soon as possible and get away from these trouble makers.

Oh, Moon Goddess! Do not make me regret bringing these 2 rogue brothers with me.

I can hear Sylvia warning and nagging me about my poor choices and decision-making.

This will be definitely a roller-coaster ride.

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