Harry Potter: New World Chapter 23


From the very first night after the incident with the ritual, I started having dreams. Nightmarish, sometimes disgusting. Many characters from the most diverse imaginable and unthinkable races fought, used magic, participated in rituals, and everything would be fine. Still, the consequences of this magic were terrible: torture, murder, painful death. They made different monsters from the victims, set them on defenseless villages. This stream of cruelty did not stop for a second and only in rare moments was replaced by more pleasant and safe spells and rituals aimed at creation and healing.

Every night, I woke up several times in a cold sweat. These dreams were not forgotten, they seemed to be carved in stone in my memory, and even if I wanted to forget them, it was all in vain. This is very unpleasant. ​​

On a couple of occasions, I checked in with Hermione through an owl. The Knights named the owl Pirate. She always covered one eye, bristled feathers on her head, and instead of hooting, gave out "ho-ho-ho" while walked pretty fast on the table, throwing her gaze to the sides with one eye.

Hermione sent whole manuscripts about how enjoyable her holidays were, her trip to France, what she saw, what she heard. In general, she should write books. I also briefly told about Paris, about the magic quarter. How visually close it is to an ordinary city and that the differences are visible only in shops, establishments, or magical park areas. I haven't said anything about my adventure yet.

Physical training saved me from constant, almost every second stay in nightmares. These thoughts sucked me in, and even the Knights became a little worried. I was also wondering what to do with Lucius?

It is highly undesirable to touch him until Voldemort is revived. Or should it be prevented entirely from reviving? But how? It is unknown if his snake is a Horcrux at this time. I have no way to destroy them. Carrying them with you is completely unacceptable because of their effect on the psyche. If we assume that Dumbledore is a good grandfather and could not feel such an artifact at Hogwarts. Then I can hide it. They will not be found. But on the other hand, what if Dumbledore is bad?


Most likely, he is neither bad nor good. He is just a person with his own goals and interests, for which he is ready to go to great lengths, like many other people. He is no different from them. But my thoughts took me somewhere else.

What to do with Lucius? He will know very quickly that I am alive and will probably try to somehow influence or try again. And why did I not please him? Irritating.

I can try to eliminate him, but where will Voldemort live then? In general, there is still too much unclear. We will solve problems as they come.

Towards the middle of August, Hermione wrote, and we agreed to meet at the Leaky Cauldron to go shopping. But, before that, I had to buy clothes again - due to constant training, abundant nutrition, and, possibly, hemomancy, I began to grow rather quickly. Not phenomenal, but the clothes are getting too small. I even had to take a little for growth.

I came to the "famous place" in black trousers, shoes and a thin black turtleneck. I was in such a mood that everything except black was irritating. I always went on trips to the magic quarters without the Knights at their own request, so this time I went into the establishment alone.

There were not so many people here, I would even say - empty. At one of the tables sat Hermione. She was also in almost all black except for a dark blue blouse. She had already thrown on her robes and looked around expectantly. Her parents were sitting next to her and drinking juice. Wasted no time, I walked over and greeted.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Granger. Hermione."

Last time I didn't really look at them, but now I decided to take a closer look at this married couple. Hermione's mom seemed pretty young, in her early thirties, although I have no idea how old she really was. With unruly hair, the girl definitely went into her, as well as some facial features. Hermione's face passed from her father - straight and very slightly upturned nose. Like the eyebrows, they are also paternal.


"Max!" Hermione shouted joyfully and, instantly jumping up from her seat, tried to squeeze the insides out of me with her crushing embraces. But she attacked the wrong one! But the tighter you hug Hermione, the happier she is. And I'm half a head taller than her. Maybe even a little more.

"Well, well, fluffy, I'm glad to see you too."

"Oh, you!" Hermione wanted to pull away, but I still held her, so she glared up at me and banged her fist a couple of times in the chest.

"Ahem," the girl's father coughed into his fist. "You'll have time to talk, young people. Now, maybe you're already go shopping?"

Mrs. Granger just smiled.

"One moment" I let go of Hermione and, throwing off my backpack, pulled out my robe. I shook it off with a light movement.

"Oh! It's quite unusual," said Hermione.

"Yeah. I took it in Paris. Slightly different design, not so baggy."

"Look!" Hermione turned to her parents. "And I said that there can be many interesting things in the magic quarter."

"Calm down, daughter," Mrs. Granger replied with a smile. "This is not your last trip to France."

On that note, Hermione's parents rose from the table.

"Well, Mr. Knight," her father said officially, with a serious expression on his face but a frivolous look. "I hope I can trust you, our Hermione, on this shopping trip?"

"Certainly, Mr. Granger."

"Dad, but you wanted to go and look?"

"We actually wanted to see you off," Mr. Granger scratched his head. "We're worried about you after all."

"Yeah," Hermione folded her arms across her chest. "So it's okay to let me go alone with the boy?"

"Max doesn't seem like an unreliable person," Mrs. Granger said convincingly, so much so that I believed in myself. How does it work for women? I will never understand.

"Here, I agree," Hermione nodded significantly. "Well, then, I'll show you everything another time."

On that and decided. Hermione and I headed to Diagon Alley and her parents - to walk around London. We agreed to meet at the Leaky Cauldron in three hours.

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