Villain Lady Chapter 8


The carriages reached the academy. The first carriage headed to the right while the second and third carriage headed to the left. There was a differentiation in the academy for both boys and girls, one is in the building at the right while the other one is in the building on the left.

Wei Liuying leaned to the window and peeked out. The buildings that were designed for women were bright in color. It was a large two-story building with a size that was capable of holding a thousand people or so inside. Some women had come out as they giggled around the area.

"We've arrived."

"I'm first," Wei Zilin said succinctly and alighted down the carriage. Her servant was already ready to help her out.

On the other hand, Wei Liuying was not in a hurry. She waited patiently until her sister had come out before she alighted down. Her dress fluttered slightly along with her movement, but it was done elegantly.

Learning how to walk was one of the few things that noble girls have to do. Wei Liuying had learned martial arts with her brother, so it was not that hard for her to adapt to the change in pace that she needed to do when studying in the academy. However, her walking was still a bit stiff at times because she had gotten used to men's style.


As Wei Liuying stepped out, her gaze swept over the area. Her clear black eyes scanned her surroundings carefully as if she wished to engrave everything to her mind. It was a picturesque scene with a beauty standing with an exquisite carriage behind her.

"Miss, it's almost time for class," Xiao Qing reminded.

Wei Liuying slightly nodded and turned around slowly. Even though her movements were slow, it was the picture of elegance.

There were many other noble ladies in the academy, but they all avoided Wei Liuying. Some of them greeted Wei Zilin and laughed together, but not a single one of them wanted to stay with Wei Liuying.


However, she didn't care.

It was always like this.

Servants were not allowed to come inside, so Wei Liuying had to enter by herself. Her steps were making a steady pace as she headed inside. Her chin was lifted up as her gaze swept the classroom. It was a big classroom, but there were only twenty to thirty young ladies who came to study here.

Most of them didn't even bother to attend the academy because it was expensive. Besides, the only reason why the academy was built was in order to let these ladies meet with each other regardless of their status. Officials all have a different status, but as long as they have enough money, they could send their children to the academy.

Those who couldn't attend will have to be satisfied with either calling the teacher or the parents teaching their children by themselves.

Wei Liuying picked a seat on the back and silently took out her poetry book. It was filled with many poetries that were compiled from Emperor Gao's era. It was also the book that they have to memorize.

"Everyone, quiet down," a woman in her middle age ordered as she walked into the class. Everyone quickly closed their mouth as they put their attention to the front of the class. The teacher was quite strict, and no one wanted to be the one to receive the bad end from this teacher today.

She smiled. "I remember assigning you all to read and memorize 108 Poetry from the poem compilation of Emperor Gao's reign. Now, put your books away, and I want you to recite two poems that you remember from the book. No one is allowed to recite the same poems as the others. Remember, I also want you to recite with heart and not only reading words."



With that, they all began to recite one by one. On the back, Wei Liuying silently thought to herself when she listened. Before long, all the poems that she had read and memorized were already uttered out.

'Great, I don't remember the rest anymore.'

As more and more ladies have already recited theirs, the few who sat on the back were now in a difficult position. They couldn't remember any poem that the others hadn't recited.

"Teacher You, I really don't know the others," one student said with a beet red face.

Teacher You frowned. She turned her head to the other four students, including Wei Liuying. However, each of them shook their heads. The reason why they all picked the back seat was simply because they were all unable to follow the class well.

"This is only the beginning, and you already can't answer?" Teacher You scowled.

"I'm sorry, Teacher."

Examination occurred in Winter, which was just a few days ago. The only reason why they were still told to come to the academy was simply in order to have some review because next year, they would have a different teacher. Some teachers used the last week to have fun, but some teachers like this often made use of this time to teach more lessons to the students.

Teacher You's gaze landed on Wei Liuying, who had the highest status among the last few students. In the examination back then, Wei Liuying scored the lowest, barely passable because of how poor it was.

"Third Miss Wei, can't you answer?"

Wei Liuying's eyes flickered. "I'm sorry, Teacher You, but I don't remember any other poems."

Some girls snickered while the rest hushed them up. The highest position among the officials were either chancellors or prime ministers. Wei Hong, Wei Liuying's father, was the Prime Minister of Right, which was a very high position. Because of that, his children were all in the limelight.

However, Wei Liuying continued to make his heart boil in anger over and over again. It was to the point that he had utterly given up on her and no longer cared about her. However, in front of an outsider, she was simply the disgrace of the Wei Family.

Teacher You frowned. "Since you can't remember, then you should copy the entire poem book. Before you finish, you're not allowed to go home."

"Yes, Teacher You."

A female servant came to bring some bamboo scrolls for Wei Liuying. She picked it and started to copy with her head down, completely disregarding everything that occurred around her. She had long known that it was impossible for her to be good in two studies at the same time. She had to focus on one and forgot about the other one.

Teacher You turned her head and looked at Wei Zilin. "In that case, Second Miss Wei, can you recite another poem?"

"Of course," Wei Zilin replied energetically and stood up. She positioned herself before fluent words flowed out of her mouth. It was clear that she must have spent a long time just in order to study yesterday.

Afterwards, Teacher You pointed to several others, and in the end, only a few of them managed to memorize all 108 poems. Of course, it all didn't have anything to do with Wei Liuying, who was busy copying all the poems from the book.

No one cared for her either.

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