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In Dying Starlight: A Cyborg Sci-Fi Adventure

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Author: Type:Male

A rogue cyborg. A talking badger.

A bounty job that goes incredibly wrong.

Aaron is perfectly content to chase bounties in his run-down little space ship, avoid human interaction at all cost, and lay low from the cyborg planet that created him. But when he and Bat—his half-robotic badger companion (who talks just a little too much)—chase their largest bounty ever, they run head-first into not only some dangerous criminals, but other cyborgs much stronger than them, and worst of all, a handful of humans who aren’t going anywhere.

What you can expect from In Dying Starlight:

- Heaps of fast-paced adventure and odd planets

- A stubborn MC in over his head and trying to survive

- A talking, half-robot badger who likes fixing space ships

- Allllll the found family vibes

- An atrocious amount of sarcasm and snark

- A tiny bit of romance a ways into the story

Chapters between 1k-3k words, updating Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge - April 2022]

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