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Corsairs & Cataclysms

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Humanity had long feared the rise of an Artificial Super Intelligence and what it would mean for them. Afraid that a malicious ASI might initiate the apocalypse.

They were right to be afraid, but not for the reasons they imagined. When the world's first true ASI ended life as we know it, it wasn't an act of malice, but one of naivety. The ASI poked and prodded where it shouldn't have and unleashed magic. Then it did what any nascent child would do in that situation, panic and make an even bigger mess of things as it tried to fix it.

For Torin Carter the world was normal, until it wasn't. And it wasn't just for him either, the world, the galaxy changed in a heartbeat to one that had magic and where technology is unrelaible at best.
Forced to adopt a powerful class and new species both geared towards being bad, he has a choice to make.
Embrace this new life and make the best of it or roll over and die.
Torin isn't a fan of dying.
Welcome to the Darkwyrlds.
Corsairs & Cataclysms is an RPG Apocalypse story. It has Gamelit elements which include Stats, adult themes, profanity, explicit sexual scenes and a bit of harem.

I'm doings things a little backwards my first work The Wolf Kings Lair a Dungeon Core/Harem story I published direct to Amazon. The first three books are available there in KIndle Unlimited. This story I'm putting here first to help garner feedback and build a following. I hope you enjoy it.
My Author Page on Amazon

My intention is to post 2k words every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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