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Eternus Online

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Eternus Online is the cutting edge new VRMMORPG of the modern era.

When Bradford Pendragon throws himself into its world, expecting little more than an immersive adventure, his expectations are torn to ribbons immediately.

He will have to contend with angry virtual gods, sudden and unexpected burdens, and the nagging feeling that Eternus Online is far more real than he or anyone else might suspect.

Backstabbing players, philosophical challenges, and revelations that challenge everything he believed to be true about the world pull at him.

Meanwhile he must find his place in the living, breathing reality of Eternus Online and come to terms with a confronting and unavoidable truth:

He might just be the Villain of this story.

RELEASE SCHEDULE: Every Wednesday (more or less updates based on availability).

Discord Community:

Eternus Online is a VRMMORPG GameLit set in a not-so-distant future Earth.

This story involves realistic consequences, personal growth, and an at-times OP MC.

There will be non-traditional relationships (I hate that I have to say this), violence, somewhat decently written political intrigue, and pop culture references.

The goal of this story is not to create a Tolkien-level masterpiece. It's to have fun, tell a good yarn, and maybe even inspire some emotion along the way.

Important Note: The first acts of the story have a rapid escalation of events for the MC. This is intentional. Everything will scale out and balance up, and the reason for this rapid escalation will be made very clear. You've been informed.

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon Challenge]

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