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The Royal Path of Cultivation (or RR plays Xianxia, the Fiction!)

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Author: Type:Male

Huang Lu found a special book that allowed for a unique, heaven defying cultivation method. Now it is time for him to rise the ranks with the help of our fellow Royal Road readers!

[Author Note : This story is about numbers going BRRR, and there's gonna be a lot of faceslapping, punching, fighting, and well, typical xianxia stuff. There will be a harem, and there will be some NSFW chapters. Probably no convoluted plots. Please leave brain at the door, because you don't need it to read this simple book about numbers going brr and people getting punched really hard. ]

[Author Note 2 : A lot of the stats are pegged to fiction stats and interactions. Expect a LOT of polls. ]

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