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My Pets?!

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Author: Type:Female
Threne Miley Whitefield is not your usual animal lover. In fact, she's obsess with fluff that she would not hesitate bringing stray cats or dogs to her home.
Unfortunately, her mother is always against it.
Due to work reasons, her mother was moved overseas, leaving Threne all by herself. So what will she do when she saw two stray cats and two dogs, all badly injured and filthy? Of course, grabbing the opportunity that her mother is absent, she break the rules and took them home. But who would have thought that the pets she happily took care of were actually something more than that.
"My pets became four gorgeously hot guys?!"
English is not my first language so forgive me if there are many grammatical errors but I do hope its not that obvious. Lmao. And this is unedited so if you want to continue, prepare your braincells😂
Anyway,enjoy! 💖💖
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