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Natasha the Halve

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Natasha Novak was a fairly known artist from an Earth devastated by pandemics. One day, she was playing an online game and falls off her chair as a moment of luck brightens her otherwise monotonous life, and dies of a stroke due to hitting her head.

Reborn in Galeia, a world of magic, she sets out to explore this brand new planet and maybe find others like her. Join her and her companions as she faces a world with a culture alien to her, meets Gods, and takes part in adventures all over the globe.

Not all is fun and games, however, as she is part of the most powerful species on Galeia, a Halve. Shady organizations that seek to free the world’s inhabitants of the yoke of higher beings want her dead, overpowering instincts leave her unnaturally willing to fight, and worst of all… she spent a million years in Hell before being reborn.

This fiction is 100% girls love. Natasha will have male friends, companions, colleagues, etc. but won't engage in romantic/sexual relationships with them.
Warning!!! This fiction contains brutal depictions of violence, explicit sex, mentions of sexual violence, torture, and child abuse.
All forms of criticism are welcome. English is not my first nor second language, so please let me know if I made any mistakes.

Also published on Scribblehub! : Natasha the Halve | Scribble Hub (You can find a glossary over there with a lot of extra information!)

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