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Generic Xianxia LitRPG System-Apocalypse Harem Wish Fulfillment

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Author: Type:Male

Cover by SininenBlue. Their pixel art is so good! The other images within the chapters were generated by Dall E.

Currently 120,000 words.

This web novel is being produced for two reasons:

1) All of my completely original ideas are super tough to write.

2) I've read a boat load of mediocre system apocalypse stories and wanted to know how hard it was to write a generic one that didn't trip over itself every chapter.


This is a self-aware generic LitRPG Xianxia System-Apocalypse novel full of well-enough-written wish fulfillment with a main character whose combined powers and stat distributions you’ve probably never seen before.
Join Niko on his adventures as he carries humanity through a basic story that’s way better than all other basic System apocalypse stories! Keyword, basic.

The "harem" aspect is really just a few casual relationships, so don't be put off thinking there'll be misogynistic writing. There will be stronger romance down the line. If it tells you anything, there are zero romantic partners within the first 100,000 words.


By the way, Tao Wong has the trademark on "System Apocalypse" and doesn't like everyone using it as the name of a subgenre. We as a community can actively make it even more generic by describing every novel where it fits as a "system apocalypse" in their Amazon reviews.

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