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A Twist of Fate

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Everly had her life all planned out. She was going to marry Brad, her best friend since second grade, high school sweetheart, and soulmate. He was a baseball prodigy and planned to play for the New York Yankees one day, which was perfect because her dream was to open an art gallery in New York City. They were going to have 3 kids and a dog and live happily ever after in a house in the suburbs.
Everly had it all planned out and it was going to be perfect. Until fate stepped in with a different plan. Everything she saw for her future came crashing down when Brad dumped her and slept with her best friend Amber right before Everly was set to move to New York City for college. She was crushed, heartbroken, and lost, until she met Keaton, a handsome, edgy, bad boy from London that would completely change the way she looked at the world and herself. He taught her to be brave and bold and to stand up for what she believed in, to not be afraid to take chances.
Brad wasn't giving up on Everly that easy though. After seeing that she was moving on with someone else he decided to transfer to NYU to fight to get her back because he was so sure they were meant to be together. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him for a drunken mistake and give him a second chance or will she take a risk on getting her heart shattered by the sexy British badboy with major commitment issues?
*** Very mature themes & sexual content - 18+ only!
Featured in Wattpad Outreach's Fresh Gems and Treasures! February 20th, 2020 (under the old name Set Free)
No. 1 in #collegeromance - March 3rd, 2020
No. 2 in #lovetriangle - Feb 21st, 2022
No. 1 in #heartthrob - April 18, 2022
No. 1 in #NewYork - July 16,2022
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