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Versus Divinity: Molecular Genocide!

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In the slums of Arachnia Crater, under the levitating web of islands of the Kingdom of Athena exists Moebius Vector — A hard-boiled merc Esper youth who is overpowered with his certain ability to manipulate the molecules in the air and his own body, AKA Molecular Genocide!

Apprehended by the Athenian Government in need of his unlimited power as a weapon of war, Moebius is now forced to work for God's Envoy, a government intelligence agency, serving in the name of Goddess Athena in exchange for knowing the truth about his parents and to pay for his crimes. On the sideline, he is also required to study in the Esper academy, preparing for the war of the gods.

Troubled with all these sudden responsibilities and personal issues, he does his last mercenary quests with a sigh before leaving his hometown in peace.


Once upon a time on the land of the marvelous celestial creation known as Earth — Gaia, Midgard, a planet named and sought by many gods …

One planet, one kingdom come.

"Versus Divinity"

Author's Note:

Heya readers, your ero senpai here〜

Vs. Divinity: MG! is another light novel with an overpowered MC, heavily inspired by the universe of the Final Fantasy series.


Shiz to expect in the story:

• Violence/R18 scenes (censored, of course, we can't have the ban hammer bonking my head)

• Fantasy world with unique locales, diverse organisms, and their own ecology

• Anime shenanigans

• Waifus and husbandos to simp

• NTR Patrol: Stay frosty

• With a twist of lemon!

※ The lore of the story is expanding as it goes, there are chances that I may have to revise the content to make everything up to my expectation of how I visualize the story in my head.


I'll do my best to deliver!

Thank you for your support and for reading Versus Divinity: Molecular Genocide!

I only own the story, the cover artwork belongs to these wonderful artists:

Illustration by Masaki | Picrew - Your World Maker

Background by mclelun | DevianArt - Going Home


If you have ever wondered about the simp author, you can find me here!

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