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✥ The Mob Boss & His Therapist ✥ [part one/ unedited]
Rafael Rossi, a glass like fragile Italian mob boss, who has sworn to never let anyone on his demons that have only resulted him post traumatic stress disorder. He had one promise, to make those bleed who have made him bleed and his biggest motive being to never let anyone on the pain he has been carrying in his heart that has been bleeding for stitches till this day. He had grown out of love with the concept of love which had him only suffer. Little did the heartless mob boss know he would find someone who knew him more than he knew himself.
Ravenna Romano, a kind & loving therapist, who had made a mission to help others escape their pain and make them fall in love with the idea of love once again. Losing her baby brother, Beau, at a young age had given her the curse of a bleeding heart which after a long toll, she learned pain can be only subsided by love. She knew darkness can only be taken away by the light of hope. Hope of a new fresh start.
But she did not know that she would be helping the heartless Italian realise that his heart was waiting to be healed. Little did she know that she was going to be the therapist of Rafael Rossi. But would she be able to be his remedy when she choose the sweetest words to heal his brittle heart when he choose the most poisonous actions to break it.
"Mr.Rossi I really need you to open up to me for our sessions to work." She said in her sweet innocent voice as he felt himself rage at her pointless efforts on healing something that doesn't exist.
"How about you start by opening up to me?" He asked while his eyes traveled down her ripe body.
"Mr.Rossi, I don't understand." The caring heart of the therapist spoke as she felt his greedy gaze upon her untouched shrine .
"Open up your legs Ms.Romano."

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