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Truth or dare (18+)

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Author: Type:Female
This story is 18+ and all characters in this book are 18.
This book contains sexual content and sexual acts between friends. Everything is consented for but this book is mainly just smut.
Christmas. Winter vacation. A birthday party. And a week and a half of no school. What's the worst that can happen?
Apparently a lot. Well it's not necessarily bad. Unless you count giving your best friend head while your other best friends are in the room watching not bad. Maybe I should back up for a second. Hi, my names river. This week was supposed to be filled with relaxing, watching Christmas movies and baking with my best friends. And it was. At first. Then Maddy thought it would be a good idea to play truth or dare and now we're all all over the place. Feelings are being revealed and friendships are being tested. But we can all agree on one thing. We're best friends and nothing is going to stop that.
Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for those who have read this. I decided to post this story again after my old account got deleted. The story is not the best by any means and needs a lot of editing. I am slowly working on fixing the mistakes but I thought for the mean time of post this a see if anyone would be interested in it. Anyways thank you for taking a chance and please let me know if there's any spelling mistakes or anything you notice in the book. (Also I suck at describing my books to bare with me please)
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#1- kinks- July 20, 2022
#1- Christmas- July 25, 2022
#2- girlxgirl- July 31, 2022
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