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{ON HIATUS} Legacy Space Academy [18+] {Male Reader x Harem}

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[This story is also on Wattpad, which will get updates earlier than RR.]

(BTW, this story is a Male reader story, so it's from the readers perspective. Think of it as you as the reader is the main character. However, it's not gender neutral, as you are a MALE in this story.)
In the year 2220, Humans came in contact with Aliens from outer space, they called themselves "Strohm," a warrior race, hell-bent on making the universe their playground. Humanity driven by their will to survive with their limited resources and people, they spent everything on researching a weapon to stop these Aliens from driving them to extinction. Humanity survived, and drove the "Strohm" out of their system, little did they know that was only part of their fleet.

Mayu Mai Kita, the founder of the Javelins, an advanced iteration of US's F-22 Raptors, a craft with impeccable speed, firepower, and maneuverability, with compromises to defense due to it being lightweight. Rising to fame quickly, she became the founder of Legacy Space Academy, made to train the students in these fighters.

The Legacy Space Academy, an academy in outer orbit, an academy where students train to become the next Javelin pilots, by going through the most rigorous and versatile training to become the best of the best, they that start as young as 16. Purpose? To fight back the aliens if they were to return. They are the first line of defense to fight off an alien invasion.

In comes, Y/N (Your name) Davidson, shocked the world when he aced the test to enter the Academy. Little did they know what kind of problems he would bring with himself, love, hate, jealousy, and worst of all a harem.
Rated M for Mature.

WARNING: There are elements of INCEST (Brother-stepsister-stepmother love) in this story, turn back NOW if you are NOT into it.

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