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The Immortal Rankings

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The Rankings are simple. They have rules, sure, but everything does; the simplest is that if you want in, you have to kill a Ranked. Deliberately here; first degree matters most. But once you do, you're set for your now eternal life. Just so long as no one else comes by to take your slot.

Even then though, living forever might sound like a good deal, but there are greater prizes higher up, and everyone wants to be Number 1. One gal in particular has her sights on that spot, so feel free to follow along. She's already pretty high up, so there's only fifty more to go.

It should be a fun ride along the way though. Hope you enjoy the fights.

Written by RedKnight3996, The Immortal Rankings is a series of fights loosely connected by a main character and the simple plot of said MC aiming to murder their way to the top of the world. Plus one or two recurring characters.

It started as practice on fight scenes and expanded into a very distracting side project, now posted for the entertainment of those who like fights. Because that's the main thing for this one. Don't expect sensible worldbuilding, it's just violence all the way up, with the occasional bits of humor and character stuff.

Features: fights, gore, unexplained phenomena, a dying planet, capitalists, people that might be ghosts, nanomachines, androids, psychics, wrestlers, cute co-hosts, and increasing absurdity.

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