《In Five Years》Chapter 26

I wake up to knocks banging on the door to my dorm room. It's not like this is the first time this has happened before, especially on a Friday night, so I toss a second pillow over to my roommate Devin, hitting him swiftly on the head.

"What the fuck?" He mumbles groggily. When he hears the bangs rap against the door again I hear a groan escape his mouth. I was the one who got up when this happened last time, and he knows this, so he throws the comforter off of him and storms over to the door.

Last time it was a random guy from a frat streaking through the halls, but I don't hear any noise when the door opens right away. Instead it's quiet, so I blink my eyes open to try and see what Devin is looking at. I can't see behind his body though.

"O-oh. I'm sorry." I hear a voice, but it's not just any voice. It's her voice. "I thought this was someone else's room, but I must be-"

"Maddie." I clear my throat and hop up from the bed to step in front of Devin. He's irritated as hell that he had to be woken up, so he doesn't even say anything. Instead he just crawls back into his bed and throws the comforter over his head again.

She's wearing my sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants, a duffel bag around her shoulder. Her eyes are all red and puffy, and her curly hair is piled high on top of her head in a messy bun. I'm so confused as to why she's here, but I'm not complaining. I've missed her so much.

I step out into the hallway to try and let Devin have some peace and quiet, taking the duffel bag from her shoulder to set it onto the ground.

"I'm so sorry." She blurts out. "I didn't know you had a roommate. You never mentioned him, and if I had known then I would have called before just showing up, but I..." she trails off and lets out a huge breath from how much she's rambling. I can tell something happened. This is unlike her to just show up here unannounced.

"I used the gift card you gave me and took the first flight out. I just needed to see you because -" she covers her mouth with her hand to try and keep her sobs in, and before she can say anything more I pull her tightly into my chest.

"Mads." I kiss the top of her head, feeling her tears against my bare chest. "What happened?"

"I-I'm so sorry." She chokes out. "I shouldn't have come."

"I'm not mad at all that you came, Maddie. I'm so happy to see you, just not like this. Tell me what happened."

"Uh, my dad." She says, her bottom lip trembling slightly. "Remember that night that we heard him come home super late? How I thought it was because of work?"


I nod.

"I-I was at Maya's job again and we stayed after she got off to drink and just let off some steam and I saw my dad with someone else."

"Someone else?"

"A woman. He was making out with her. I don't even think he knew that was where Maya worked at, I mean he couldn't have or he'd never go there to begin with. I went up to him and confronted him in front of everyone. In front of his mistress, in front of Maya, and we got into this huge fight. Literally e-everything is falling apart. I don't know what else to do. I didn't know who else to call, but I-"

"Oh, baby." I sigh and hold her tightly, kissing her head once more. "I'm so sorry. Are you okay? I mean, I know you're not okay, but what can I do?"

"You're doing everything right now." She mutters into my chest. "I just needed you, cam. I need some us time. Please."

"You got it." I whisper into her ear. "What did your dad say when you confronted him? Are your parents getting a divorce?"

She shrugs. "I have no idea. I didn't even talk to my mom. She was sleeping when I got back to the house. I packed up my stuff and took the first flight out. It's just too much to talk about right now anyways. I need space to think about everything. I need time to process before I confront my mom. I don't even know if she knows."

"Okay." I soothe. "It's okay. We don't have to talk about anything. Just come inside, okay?"

I open the door back up and she shakes her head. "I don't want to bother your roommate." She whispers.

"You're not going to bother him. He'll live. Come on."

I tug her in and close the door gently behind us, setting her duffel bag at the foot of my bed. I honestly can't believe she's here in Pennsylvania. I used to sit on these tiny twin beds and dream about what she was doing. I'd dream about this moment. Having her here beside me, holding me tightly, and now it's actually happening. She's mine, and I've finally got her again.

"I used to complain about the size of these beds..." I trail off when she crawls in next to me underneath the covers, having no choice but to wrap her body up with mine. "But I'm starting to rethink my opinion."

"I'm just so happy I'm here." She whispers. "This is all I wanted. I never want to leave your arms, Cam. It's where I feel the safest. It's like all of the stress that I had on the plane ride here just vanished completely."

"I love you, Maddie. You know that I'm always here for you."

"I know." She says quietly. "My one constant."

I grip her tighter and feel her fingertips travel down to the hand of my briefs. They scrape against my lower stomach, and I bite my lip from the feeling, glancing quickly at Devin's bed to make sure he's still passed out.


"Maddie..." I whisper.

"Please?" She asks innocently. She knows exactly what she's doing when she slips her hand inside of my briefs, finding what it is she's looking for. "I need to get this stress out somehow, Cam, and I've been thinking about you for weeks. Phone sex is great, but it's not the same."

It most certainly isn't. The feeling of those soft hands is going to make me combust already and it's only been less than two minutes.

"Okay, but you have to be quiet." I smile. "I don't want Devin to hear."

Just when I'm about to turn over to make a move on her, Maddie dips underneath the covers and pulls my briefs completely down. I hold my breath when I feel her mouth find me, letting out a sigh when she starts to bob her head up and down.

It's so quiet in this room. I'm trying so hard not to make a damn sound, but she's making it goddamn difficult. She swirls her tongue around and around, going up to my tip all the way down to my base.

I fidget underneath the covers, my toes curling at her sides from the pleasure. This is so hot.

It's been so long since she's done this to me, so long since I've felt that wet mouth that I don't even know how to handle it. I cover my mouth with my hand to ensure that I don't make too much noise, but then she does something she never has before. She leaves my dick and sucks directly on my balls, pulling each one into her mouth.

A muffled moan escapes me as I grip onto her head on top of the comforter, and as soon as she hears me she stops what she's doing.

"Shh." She says quietly, and resumes her work back on my balls.

Her tongue darts across them both, licking, sucking and pleasing me. I swear I'm about to come but she stops what she's doing again, crawls out from underneath the comforter and slips me inside of her. She's so wet. I don't even know how her pants came off.

I've never fucked with Devin right in the next bed over. Katie never wanted to, but Maddie isn't Katie. Maddie is sexy, and daring, and when she gets turned on she makes all of my fantasies come true.

She still has my sweatshirt on as she rides me, her hands on top of my chest. My hands find their way to her hips, guiding her so that she can feel me deeper.

"Shh!" She giggles quietly when I moan again. I never thought I'd be the one to be the loudest in this situation, but clearly I missed her more than I thought I did.

Her pussy feels incredible, it always does. It's so tight as I thrust my hips up to meet hers. The tiny twin bed starts to creak, so I slow down my motions and furrow my eyebrows together from all of the pleasure.


"You're close." She whispers with a tiny smile on her face. "Let me know when you're about to come, baby."

She doesn't realize how close I actually am, but I want to make sure I can please her too. I move my fingers to her clit and rub gently, watching her throw her head back from the feeling. She's so hot. It's hard not to smack her ass right now, or pull on that hair to make her scream. I want her to completely consume me. I'm hers, all hers.

I feel her let herself go around me. She whimpers, biting hard onto her lip as she comes. I'm only able to give her two more thrusts before I quickly pull out of her and release onto her stomach.

Grabbing her chin to bring her down to my face, I kiss her gently, but don't stop. I haven't been able to kiss her for weeks. Each time I do it feels like a privilege, and I never want to stop.

"I missed you so much." I whisper. "I'm so happy that you're here."

She kisses my cheek quickly, rummaging around underneath the sheets to find her underwear. "Do you have a towel?"

"Oh, shit. Sorry." I quickly remember that she currently has my come all on her stomach, standing up to grab a towel from the closet. Using the flashlight on my phone, I help her clean it up. "We can shower in the morning if that's okay." I tell her and glance at Devin again. "I just don't want to wake him up."

"That's fine." She says as I crawl back in beside her. I tug her close and can't help but kiss her again, feeling her laugh against my mouth. "Can't get enough, can you?"

"Not in the least bit." I sigh. "How long do you think you'll stay for?"

"I haven't really thought about it. Everything happened with my dad and I just came here without thinking. I definitely have to be back at school next week, but maybe the weekend? Do you have a game?"

"Thankfully no. You can have me all to yourself."

"Oh yeah?" She teases.

Devin stirs beside us, letting out a groan as he flips onto his back. Maddie and I snicker quietly to ourselves before she snuggles up close to me, putting her head right between my neck and shoulder.

"Guess that's our cue to go to sleep." She says. "Night Cam."

Bending down to kiss the top of her head, I squeeze her tight and find myself smiling. "Goodnight Mads."



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