《In Five Years》Chapter 7

The blinding sunlight wakes me up, and as I blink my eyes open I recognize a window I've never seen before. I'm trying to recollect my memory from last night, and slowly it dawns on me. I don't recognize where I'm at because I'm with Tre. I came home with him last night.

Sitting up quickly, I realize I'm on a couch. It's very comfortable, and I use my hands to feel my body. I'm in nothing but a t-shirt and panties, and this t-shirt certainly isn't mine.

Oh fuck.

The aroma of bacon and eggs makes my stomach grumble. I get up to see where it's coming from, passing through a dining room before I finally land my eyes on Tre. He's flipping an egg in a pan over the stove with no shirt on.

"Good morning." Tre smiles a dazzling full toothed grin at me, his voice all dark and husky from probably just waking up himself. He's a fine specimen of a man. I'll give him that. "I assume you want breakfast?"

I nod eagerly and take a seat at the island. His apartment is extremely nice for working as a bartender. It's a loft with red brick for walls for the most part, but it's upscale and modern. Stainless steel appliances and black and red furniture. It's more than nice.

"My dad." He answers for me. He must see people look at his place like this all the time. "He's the CEO of an oil company out in Texas."

Wow. I'm impressed.

"And you're here because...?"

"Because my dad is a CEO of an oil company out in Texas." He laughs again, and I get the impression that his dad must be a dick. "It's easier out here. Less pressure."


"Less pressure to what?" I ask.

He slides the bacon and eggs onto a plate for me and passes it over, then he opens up the fridge to grab out a container of orange juice. "Would you like some?" He shakes it in front of me, completely ignoring my previous question.

I piece together that he must not want to talk about it, so I agree to some orange juice and let him place the glass down in front of me. "So, about last night..." I trail off to try and change the subject.

He raises an eyebrow, waiting for me to continue.

"Did we..." I clear my throat, and I see that he's beginning to laugh at me.

"Did we... fuck?" He finishes. I can feel my cheeks turn so red that they're on fire. "No, we didn't. It's not really my thing to fuck drunk women."

I glance down at my half naked body, and he laughs again.

"You said that's how you slept. You refused a pair of sweatpants."

Well, he's right. I do only sleep in a t-shirt, or naked. At least I had half a brain to put a t-shirt on.

"I'm sorry." I find myself saying with a mouthful of eggs. They are so good. "I don't know what I was thinking. Nothing like looking desperate."

He takes another sip of orange juice and a little bit gets onto his lip. He sticks his tongue out to get it, and I feel myself fidget in my seat.

"Trust me, you aren't desperate." He says. "On the way here you may or may not have told me about a thousand times that I would only be your second person to ever have sex with."

"Oh my god." I'm so embarrassed I can't even think of what else to say. I just cover my face with my hands and begin to laugh. "I am so sorry. How embarrassing is that?"


He shrugs and takes a bite of bacon, those beautiful brown eyes never leaving mine. "I actually found it kind of cute."

I remember last night with Cameron, and my stomach twists up into knots. Maybe that's from me being hungover, I don't know, but it's all I can focus on. I got so drunk, but I remember that he tried to make a move on me. He was saying dirty things...

Oh god, did Katie notice?

"I'm assuming lover boy was your first?" He asks and I nod. "Seemed like a dick if you ask me."

"Was he mean to you?" I rack my brain to try and remember, but that part is foggy.

"Eh. He was just a jealous ex boyfriend. I get it a lot working where I do."

I shake my head. "I don't think he was jealous... he just gets really protective over me sometimes. We've been friends since we were kids."

"Maddie." He places his hand onto my knee and rolls his eyes. "You are very naive."

"No, you just don't know Cam. That's how he is."

He never responds, but I finish my breakfast quickly, and after he puts all of the dishes into the sink he grabs his keys off the counter. "Would you like me to call an Uber or can I drive you home?"

"Do you want to drive me home?"

He stares at me for a few seconds, eventually letting out a sigh before he steps closer and grabs onto my wrist. "Yes, Maddie. I want to drive you home. I'd also like to take you out sometime if you'll let me. Somewhere that isn't a nightclub, where we can get to know each other more."

Men have hit on me before this, don't get me wrong, but never one that I genuinely did want to get to know more. Tre seems sweet, and kind, and I appreciate the fact that he didn't take advantage of me last night when he could have.


"Tre, I think you're awesome..." I start, and he lets out a sigh.

"Ah, don't give me the speech." He waves his hand in the air as if it isn't a big deal. "It's fine. I just figured I'd ask."

"No, it's not that I'm not interested." I blurt out. "I am, I'm just not in a place where I can have a relationship right now. I have a lot going on with school, and I don't do the long distance thing."

"Understood." He nods and drops the subject completely before he says, "I'm going to grab you a pair of my sweatpants and a pair of my shoes. Unless you want to wear what you wore last night?"

A mini skirt and bodysuit doesn't sound comfortable right now, so I let him give me some of his clothes. They're oversized on me completely, but they're roomy and cozy. I love them.

"Thank you." I tell him. "For everything. For the breakfast, the clothes... all of it."

"Anytime. If you ever want another fake one night stand, you know who to call."

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