《In Five Years》Chapter 6

She leaves me with my dick throbbing, my palms sweating, and my heart racing a mile a minute.

I can't even focus as the bartender I now know to be Tre tells her to wait an hour before he gets off from his shift, and that he'll gladly take her home for the night. She doesn't even know this guy.

I'm clenching onto my glass tightly as she joins Maya and Katie out on the dance floor, and my eyes remain glued to her body. I shouldn't have drank tonight knowing that I'd be around her. I should have known better.

She's irresistible to me though. I'm drawn to her, always. From those heavenly tits, to her perfect ass, to those legs that seem to run for days, I close my eyes and let out a sigh.

I want her so badly right now. I want to pull her into that bathroom and go for round two like we did all those years ago. I want to pull on that damn ponytail and fuck the shit out of her, yet I also want to just make love to her like we used to. I want to keep it slow and stare at that beautiful face as she comes. I still remember how she looked. Like a fucking angel beneath me.

But that was before she had agreed to randomly fuck this guy. Was she doing that to make me jealous? What I said definitely got to her. I saw her breathing get more erratic, I saw her bite that lip, I saw her.

As I continue to watch her dance, I see Katie try to wave me over.


Oh, what a shitty boyfriend I am. I just tried to sleep with my ex, and she has no clue. Is this really who I want to become? Maddie and I have no shot in hell at working, so why the hell did I even try it?


I slam my drink down on the counter and turn to the man I already despise before I say, "you hurt her, your ass is mine. You hear me?"

"Who?" Tre laughs, and he gets a stupid fucking grin on his face. "The beautiful single girl, or your girlfriend?"

Maddie must have told him, and if it weren't for Katie staring at me right now I would have decked him right in the mouth for that slick ass comment.

"You know which one I'm fucking talking about." I seethe, and then I push my glass towards him and head over towards the girls. Ethan is here now, gripping onto Maya's hips as she grinds on him in circles.

There's no way I can hide my anger right now, especially when I'm two feet away from the girl who made me this angry. Katie grabs onto both sides of my face, leaning up to give me a kiss. "Hey, what's wrong?" She asks.

I'm too angry to even speak. I'm pissed because I can't have her no matter how much I may want to. I really like Katie, but I know if Maddie said she wanted to be with me right here, right now, I don't think I'd be able to refuse her, and I think I always knew that. Thus the reason I always make sure she won't be here for break before I even fly out.

But now that it's happening, right in front of my face, I'm so angry that I don't even know what to do. I can't fix this situation unless I tell Maddie how I really feel, and trying to hook up with her at a club isn't exactly getting my point across.

Then again, Maddie is literally about to go hook up with a random guy. That doesn't exactly prove to me that she wants this too.


"I want to go home." I shout into Katie's ear over the music. I avoid looking at Maddie at all cost. The last thing I need to see is her leaving with that douchebag.

He's going to take her home tonight and feel that soft skin of hers. He's going to be able to kiss down her back, and will he figure out that spot she likes? Right between her neck and shoulder?

"But we haven't even been here that long." She pouts. "I'm having fun with everyone!"

Maya places her hand on my arm, and I can tell from the look she's giving me that she already knows something happened between us. Katie is just too drunk to notice.

"I'll bring her home." She says. "I'm not drinking tonight."

"Thanks." I tell her and go to fish the car keys out of my pocket, but Ethan reaches his hand out to stop me. "Are you insane?" He asks. "Call an Uber, bro. You're drunk. Matter of fact, I'll do it. Come on."

He pulls me by my elbow outside, and when the cool air finally hits me I let out a sigh of relief. I'm drunk enough to stumble, and Ethan pulls me up by my shoulders. "Cam, are you good?"

I'm breathing heavily, and before I know it I'm blinking away tears. I'm not okay. It's been years since Maddie and I dated, yet my heart hurts all the same. I miss her. As much as I hate to admit it, I fucking miss her, and I miss kissing her, and holding her, and talking about life with her, and....

Oh god, I am very drunk.

"I just need to go home." I clear my throat and stare down at the pavement while he pulls up the Uber app on his phone.


"It should be here in about ten minutes." He says, and then he pats me on the back. "You need to talk to her, Cameron, before it's too late."

I nod, because I know that I do. Tonight proved that. I can't stay with Katie if I'm having these feelings for Maddie, and until I know for certain that there's no chance for us then I won't be able to fully commit to Katie.

As much as I don't want to have this dreaded conversation between us, I need to. And soon.


We love a jealous cam... don't we???

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