《In Five Years》Chapter 2

I had showered and changed into jeans and a nice sweater before I made my way back downstairs to the party of random people. If it were up to me I wouldn't even be down here, but I just got home, and my mom would be annoyed if I didn't at least socialize for a little bit.

Two women in their mid fifties are on our foyer couch, and they send me warm smiles. One of them leans over to the other and whispers, "that's Mary's daughter! The one that goes to Yale."

Oh god.

I inwardly groan and find my way into the dining room where all of the chatter is coming from. Maya is in the corner with Katie, and I feel the bile rise into my throat when she's in Cameron's lap. His long legs are sprawled out in the chair, his arms around her waist.

I immediately turn to leave until my mom comes in and grips me by the shoulders. "Oh! Everyone!" She gets their attention and instructs someone to turn the music down. "This is my daughter, Madison. She goes to Yale. Top of her class!"

Since when has she called me Madison? I scrunch my nose up in disgust before the heat rises to my cheeks. I'm so embarrassed as everyone begins to throw questions in my face, and I don't want to answer any of them.

"She goes to Yale?" I hear Katie tell Cameron, her eyes growing wide. "Why didn't you tell me?" Then she looks at me, and I suddenly feel like my mouth is drying out again. "I could really use some help in my biology class." She says. "I'm flunking out, and I missed the deadline for this paper. My professor extended it, but if I don't turn it in by the end of the week I'm going to fail."

"Katie..." Cameron mutters something that I can't hear and she waves her hand.

"What?" She asks. "I'm just wondering. It can't hurt to ask, Cameron! It would really mean a lot." Then her eyes meet mine again, like a deer in headlights.

What am I supposed to say to that? Everyone is looking at me, including my moms stupid book club girls that she wants to impress. If I say no it's going to be obvious that I still have these stupid feelings for Cameron. Also, Katie seems nice, and I'm a kind hearted person. I would help her even if I wasn't thrown under pressure right now.


"Sure." I reluctantly agree, and Cameron's eyes haven't left mine. They're a blazing emerald, but I refuse to get lost in them again. Instead, I turn to my mom but am interrupted when Ted, Cameron's dad, pulls me in for a hug.

I'm never going to escape him, am I?

"Maddie!" Ted pulls me into his chest. "New hair do?"

My hands immediately come up to my hair to play with it. I'm self conscious suddenly, and it's probably because petite and tiny Katie is watching our interaction like a hawk.

"Uh, yeah." I tell him. "It's good to see you. How's everything?"

"Everything is brilliant." He smirks, and he's got that same handsome smirk as Cameron. He's very attractive for his age with his sleek grey hair and chiseled jawline, and after he takes a sip of his wine he points over to his son. "This one might get drafted to the NFL this year. His stats are fantastic. I couldn't be prouder."

The NFL?

I knew he was our high schools most talented quarterback, and I know he got a full ride to Penn State, but the NFL? He's going to be drafted?

"I am going to be the sexiest trophy wife." Katie gushes and pushes Cameron's lips together to kiss him, and I let out a big breath I didn't realize I was holding in.

Correction: I no longer like Katie.

"That is... fantastic." I finally finish. "I had no idea. Congratulations, Cam."

The nickname rolls off my tongue so easily, and I see his eyes visibly grow darker. The air suddenly seems to be sucked out of the room, the other people around us fade, and it's just him and I.

Quickly snapping out of it, I tear my gaze away from him to stare at our grandfather clock.

I am genuinely proud of him, although I'm a little hurt at the fact that this is how I'm finding out. We aren't close, but I still would have thought he'd at least let me know.

"Mom, I'm sorry." I clear my throat and place a hand to my forehead. "I have a horrible headache, and I think the jet lag is getting to me. I'm going to have to go and lay down."

Maya and Katie are eating sugar cookies in the corner like they're newfound best friends, and Cameron still has his arms around Katie's waist.

Everything just seems so off. Why isn't Ethan down here? Where is my dad? Why are there a bunch of random people at my house that I don't even fucking know?


"You do look a little pale." My mom holds onto my face and ushers me to go upstairs. "It's okay, honey. Go ahead."

"I'll call you about the paper!" Katie calls after me, and I curse her under my breath as I walk up the stairs. The last thing I want to do is help her with her fucking class.

Why does she even need to pass when she's going to be the sexiest trophy wife anyways?

"Thanks for making it awkward!" Ethan laughs. I notice his door is still open.

Sending him a middle finger as I pass by, I slam the door shut to my room and tug at the ends of my hair. I should have worked during the holidays at the damn clinic.

I'm finally alone in my room now, and as I look around I suddenly find myself calming down a bit. Nothing has changed since I was last here. My bean bag chair is still in the corner, my purple fuzzy comforter washed and begging for me to crawl underneath it.

I strip myself of the sweater and jeans I had on and throw on an oversized t-shirt. I'm just about to curl up into a ball to forget this shitty ass day ever existed when there's a knock on my door.

I assume it's Ethan, so I throw it open irritatingly, only for Cameron to be on the other side. He's leaning against my door frame, his head leaning against his muscular, toned arm.

"Hi." He says stupidly, and then clears his throat when he realizes how stupid that sounded, "uh, I just wanted to say that you don't need to tutor Katie if you don't want to. It's your winter break, and I know it'll probably be awkward."

"It won't be awkward." I blurt out. He's not going to catch me looking like I'm some dumb teenager again, head over heels for him. "It's fine. I honestly don't mind. The subject is in my field anyways, so it shouldn't be too bad."

He glances down and finally notices I'm in just a t-shirt, and I see him take a large gulp. "Right." He nods. "Top of your class I hear, Madison."

A glimmer of humor shines in his eye as he makes fun of my mom, who had used my full name a few minutes ago. I missed the funny Cameron, and for a second it's like he didn't bring a girlfriend here. For a second it's just him and I, and we're back to my junior year.


"Shut up." I laugh. "She's so embarrassing that it's honestly painful sometimes."

"She's proud." He reminds me. "And she should be. Top of your class at Yale? Maddie, come on."

My cheeks are burning red, and he's looking at me in a way that I've saved permanently in my brain for so long. On nights that I missed all of him. On nights that I'd let my fingers give me only a fraction of the pleasure he could give me. I'd picture that same devilish grin he's wearing right now.



He has a girlfriend!

I clear my throat and take a step back from him. "Getting drafted for the NFL isn't too shabby either, you know."

"I haven't been drafted yet." He tries to not make it seem like a big deal, and I love the fact that he's so modest. It's one of my favorite traits about him. "My stats are just good, and my coach thinks it's probably going to happen for me this year or next."

"Still." I say, "It's a huge accomplishment, Cam. I always knew you could do it."

His eyes grow darker again at the nickname that I've used for the second time today, and he rakes his eyes up and down my body. He shouldn't be looking at me like that when he has Katie. I know he shouldn't, but I make no efforts to stop him.

"Thanks, Mads." He smiles, and again, I'm transported back to junior year, when he'd whisper my name like that right into my ear as he played with my curls, and my heart feels like it's going to explode. "I should probably get downstairs. Katie and I are gonna head out."

"Yeah." I say. "Of course. It was good to see you. Just give Katie my number and we'll set up a time to do the paper."

Sending me one final grin, he begins to walk down the hallway, but turns to look at me again. "I really like your hair, by the way." He says. "It's pretty."


Oh god my HEART!!!

So so soooo excited to release the rest of this to you guys.

Please comment what you thought!!

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