《Saharan Successor》Vol. 1 - Chapter 22 - Gabrils in a precarious state

Vol. 1 - Chapter 22 - Gabrils in a precarious state

Still maintaining his emotions in check after being kissed by Fayrene, Mathias continued his day inside the game, helping Fayrene along until it was night and they had to go to sleep, Mathias included.

Standing in the front of the main room, he exited the game with a serene expression and vanished from the room, leaving only Fayrene, who sensed that Mathias disappeared from the house.

She raised her knees and hugged them, unable to sleep.


Meanwhile, Mathias got out of the capsule and stretched his slightly numb body.

The room was already dark, but like a vampire, he moved toward the laptop table, taking his phone that showed 11:25 PM. He then proceeded to awake his sleeping laptop, which slowly roared to life.

"Today, I didn't write anything, hah. I got drawn in the game and fought those monsters. Getting to level 10 in one day, I guess it is possible if you try hard and kill risky mobs. It is fine. It is not like I got contracted by that publishing website, so I can be flexible with my releases."

As the laptop was heating up, readying itself to operate at normal parameters, he moved toward the kitchen and took 3 eggs from his fridge along with a packaged small box with cheese.

Placing the eggs in the kettle, he filled it with water and boiled them for about 6 minutes before he took them away. He waited for about 2 minutes, leaving them in the still hot water before taking them away in a separate bowl next, pouring them cold water, cutting the cooking process.

Seated at the small table, with some slices of bread and his cheese box, he began peeling the egg and cutting them into halves.

He started eating, and after 10 minutes, he was done, leaving only half of the cheese in the box, moving to put it back in the fridge.


Mathias moved to the laptop that had the browser open, and after checking his emails, he checked his works, rereading it to verify any mistakes, and with a big yawn, he entered the platform where he was publishing his story.

Copying the contents of one chapter, he did a skimp of the chapter to not by chance make any big mistakes and published them online.

Not even two minutes have passed since he did that, and already two guys commented on the chapter with 'First' respectively 'Second'.

Shaking his head while chuckling a bit, he said to himself. "This new arc might be a bit too gory for you guys, but it can't be helped. The Nika Revolt was just a massacre of plebs. Poor Belisarius to be named Plebius Maximus, that title must be stinging even after 1500 years. Still, what I set up might put even Procopius to shame."

After that, he closed the website he was publishing his story, no longer caring about what others might say or bitch about, and moved out to read some wikis about historical figures, almost feeling like a boomer.

Yawning again, he laid back on his chair and pondered a bit on what happened to him.

"It feels like I have more free time? No longer having to spend hours in front of the laptop writing my story like I usually did, leaves me with about 1-2 hours of free time before I go to sleep."

"I should start shifting up my schedule. Hmm, should I start training out again? But going to the gym wouldn't really help that much. Should I join an MMA club? Kind of hard, managing everything. Going to work in the morning, then possibly going to the club and later playing around and also writing at the same time?"


Like this, he was contemplating his choices for a bit, but he abandoned that thought and decided to train out at home to tone his body since he lazed around quite a bit, gaining some weight in the process.



He spent his time watching some documentaries, then when it was time to go to sleep, he closed the laptop and went to take a chilly shower. In the shower, as he was cleaning his body, he remembered the soft sensation of Fayrene's kiss.

"Hah, it felt so real, like it was coming straight from my ex-girlfriend. These developers want to turn the new generation of kids into those bums who only stay in the house. How were they called "hikikomori'' or some jap terminology? Ahh, wait, that's the term for reclusive kids."

"Whatever, I have no time to worry about such stuff. None of my business. Those developers also need to eat bread by selling a good product."

Getting out of the shower with a refreshed mind, he walked to drink some water, set up his alarm before going straight to the bed.

The silence of his apartment still felt new for him, and he entered the dream realm faster than usual.


Sleeping his usual sleeping hour, he rose and started his monotone life of a working young man, who was like an ant working along with the other ants to turn the cogwheels of society that was the giant anthill.

Like this, one week passed in his life where he would usually start his morning by going to work and later end his day posting what he worked on inside the game for his story.

Between the hours when he was home, he would begin by connecting to the game and playing a bit before exiting to stretch his body and start working out, keeping his body in shape. He didn't lack activity even in the hotel, but working on the job, cleaning, and carrying luggage was a thing, and working specific muscles were totally different.

While in the game, he started to see with naked eyes the advances the dress he worked so tirelessly with Fayrene. It was astonishing, simply as that.

He couldn't believe that he even contributed to the work and actually doing the minor sewing details by himself.

It has already been one month inside the game, and he got used to Titan's atmosphere and the nightlife itself.

When the one-month mark appeared, the notification windows popped up from nowhere while he was eating with Fayrene, reminding him of Gabrils quest, which required him to return to 'Light's Cathedral' and see what the Paladin required him to do.


[Meet Gabrils again]

Difficulty: B

Paladin Gabrils asks for you to meet him after one month so he could task you with something still unknown.

Quest Clear Conditions: Meet Gabrils after one month of time

Quest Rewards: ???

Quest Failure: ???


"Something on your mind Mathias?" asked Fayrene gazing at him at the table on the opposite side.

"Did you by chance start reading my mind already?" returned the favor Mathias while chuckling a bit, taking a spoon of porridge with boar meat that tastes similar to hunted meats, especially now being smoked by his truly.

Gazing with her warm violet eyes at his face, she giggled, reminding him. "My head would grow too big if I would start reading your mind, so no thanks."

"Ohh, really? You don't know what you miss. There was also a secret I held there, a big one."

This reply made Fayrene tap her finger on the table while looking at him with a warm smile, she told him with a bold tone.


"Well, aren't you inviting me to take a peek? There is a spell in the tome about reading minds, so I might quickly go learn it and see for myself what are you hiding from me."

"Heh, good luck. I will not block you. Who knows, it might excuse me for teaching you all those boring subjects." said Mathias while winking, which made Fayrene blush a bit.

"They aren't that bad, mathematics. I still have to practice multiplying and dividing the way you taught me. Also, when will you give me that book of 'Art of Negotiations' and the other ones you talked about? I want to learn more. I don't just want to be the peasant girl from Cidarian who is only good at sewing clothes and barely knows some magic spells."

Looking at her calmly, as she said that with a determined expression, he finished his last spoons and said to her while making a tired expression.

"If I would start writing those books for you, wouldn't you cry to me that I don't help you with the clothes? 'Wahh, Mathias please help me! Mathias, give me the ruler and chalk. Mathias, hold the clothes' and many other demands. It has been one month since we met each other, but you are still the same demanding girl."

Fayrene teased a bit, saying with a low voice. "You sound as if you hate it."

"Ohh, none at all. I had a blast helping you and learning how to sew. I no longer have to worry about having ripped socks or underwear, with the grace of the Great Tailoress and Future Grand Arcanist Fayrene." started Mathias laughing warmly, making Fayrene a bit embarrassed, but nonetheless also joining in laughing gently.

"Hey, this is all I taught you? Sew socks and underwear?"

"Hmm, I guess there is a difference between fancy clothes and socks. I retract my remark."

"That is right. Now chop-chop, don't make Sir Gabrils wait. Also, you shouldn't worry about the dress, since I probably would finish it in 4-5 days. We also have sufficient money for another project that requires expensive materials."

Mathias quickly got up from where he was and started laughing while saying that he was preparing to leave.

"Take a break, maybe we do the tapestry work next, so no more "Mathias, help!" I'll be off." ended the young man while giving Fayrene a warm smile as he was saying those things.


Fayrene nodded her seeing him off from the kitchen. After that, she quickly put her left hand on her chest, trying to calm down her beating heart.

"What is wrong with me? Don't tell me I started feeling something for him? But it's only been three months since we've known each other. Does he even feel the same for me? Ahhhh, what should I do?"


Outside of Fayrene's house, Mathias began moving toward 'Light's Cathedral', his second visit to this large Cathedral since the beta stage started.

Getting there, he encountered some players who looked at him with big eyes and pointed at him, whispering something between one another.

'What is their problem now? Is something on my face? I've been working out only one week, so there shouldn't be anything wrong with me. Hah, whatever.'

Moving casually toward the Cathedral, he started climbing the stairs, and when getting to the mound the building was built, he was met by many players pleading with some priests.

"Please, priest, let me join Rebecca Church. I also want to serve the Goddess."


"We received the maximum number of applications that the Archbishop allowed for the Cathedral. We can't do anything in this regard." said one priest to the players who wanted to join the church.

Those players kept pleading, making Mathias look strangely at them.

He began moving toward the church, but before doing anything else, he offered a deep bow towards Goddess Rebecca statue, which remained unchanged. After that, he began walking toward the gathering of players, but standing distanced, and when he got closer, one priest told him, with some annoyance in his tone.

"If you are here to join the church, don't bother."

"You are mistaken. I am here to find Gabrils. Did he come safely from the mission he was sent to in Toulmount Duchy to fight the Lich?"

"Lord Gabrils? Kid, who are you to know about Lord Gabrils?"

"I am a friend. Here, he even gave me his seal." said Mathias while giving the golden seal to the priest, who began checking it carefully and taking a seal of his own which was closely similar but shining with dimmer light.

"Are you by chance called Mathias?" asked the priest while looking at the seal.

"Indeed, it is I. So can you tell me where Gabrils is?"

Hearing that question, the priest sighed, and with a sad expression, he told Mathias. "He is healing at his residence at the lower grounds. His mission wasn't as the young Duchess has explained in her letters, and Lord Gabrils had to fight alone against a Higher Lich."

Mathias' expression soured a bit as he asked the priest. "Is he heavily wounded?"

"Sigh, just go to his residence, and you will find out. Now, if you would excuse me, I have to settle down with those people that keep annoying us."

Getting his seal back, Mathias nodded his head at the priest and gazed at the players who were adamant about joining the Church. However, as he was moving out of the mound, some players who retreated noticed Mathias and started talking with one another.

"This guy, doesn't he look close to the one who fought those high-level thugs on his own and even killed them?"

"Yes, now if I look closely, it seems to be close to the trending video. However, he is irrelevant. I just watched the video because of that beauty at his back. Hah, he even got a kiss on his cheeks, lucky him. Have you found who that NPC girl is?"

"No idea. Anyway, let's start pleading again. There has to be a chance for us too. I heard that Rebecca Church is the strongest sect in the game along with Yatan Church."


Mathias didn't pick on the conversation those players had. Instead climbed down the mound and moved toward the shacks at the back of the mound, and as he got closer to them, he heard the voice of a middle-aged man, cursing out loud, before an old man's voice resounded.

"Curses, old Julius, can't you do this quicker? This pain is too much even for me. Those blasted Yatan Followers are such a pain in the ass."

"Shut up, little shit, can't you see what shape you got? How are you even alive?"

"By the grace of the goddess, I am still breathing. ARGHHH, you crazy old man, easy. Fuck, fuck, why does it burn so much?"

"Because those scum tried to corrupt you infecting you with the 'Yatan's Essence' coming from Yatan itself."

"No way, but I am just a simple Paladin."


"Simple, my ass."

Mathias got to the front door as those guys had their conversation, and the old man, while treating the wounded Gabrils, said with his loud old voice taking him by surprise and slightly worried for what to expect.

"Enter, kid, no need to stay at the door."

"Ahem, excuse me then, sirs." said Mathias entering inside, freezing in place when smelling the pungent smell of decay.

Peering around the room, he noticed an old man wearing a simple white priest robe that had a healthy look about him. He held a staff in his hand that was shinning with a bright white light while his other hand was touching Gabrils, who was in a precarious situation.

He had his right arm and left leg turned into something similar to a demon, while his chest had an opened wound that was the source of the pungent smell.

"Get closer, young Mathias." said Gabrils while gritting his teeth, suffering in agony.

"Sir Gabrils, how can I help you in your situation?" asked Mathias, after he got closer to the bed before he was stopped by the old man, saying seriously.

"Kid, don't approach so closely. This idiot is still infected by Yatan's corruption. It can spread around."

"Fuck, that cursed Tallos and Aliburn to think they would appear while I was about to end that Lich phylactery."

"Who are those guys?" inquired Mathias, having absolutely no idea about the people Gabrils was talking.

Then the old man who was touching the demonic right unleashing his divine power said calmly.

"Those two are the first servant, respectively the third servant of Yatan. Think of them the same status as Archbishops of Rebecca Church, with Amoract being their Pope. They are powerful people of this world who command great power and can easily unleash chaos on the people under the name of their master. You are still too weak to be concerned about them."

"That is right, young Mathias. Don't worry about me. I will live to see the next day." commented Gabrils releasing a roar of pain, but there were visible changes in his leg that started to regain the human form.

Pressing his golden staff on Gabrils chest, the old man moved to touch his legs and unleashing his divine power that, for some reason, had Mathias sweat and with his hair raised from a fear sensation.

'This old man is a strong person. Stronger than Gabrils or Corvus or anyone else I encountered.'

Gabrils, in the process of having his other limb healed from Yatan's curse, started tearing up in pain, and when the old man got the leg back to the human form, he left his staff on the middle-aged man's chest and turned to look at Mathias.

"Kid, go to the left corner of the room and bring me a bottle of wine. It should be hidden well, so keep your eyes together to find those bottles. I am thirsty after all this work."



[Settling Archbishop Julius thirst]

Difficulty: C

After spending 3 days suppressing the spreading of Yatan's corruption in High Paladin Gabrils, the old Archbishop carves something to drink. Yet not being able to move away from Gabrils because this would accelerate the spreading of Yatan's corruption, he asks you to help him.

Quest Clear Condition: Find Gabrils hidden wine bottle and give it to the Archbishop

Reward: Affinity with Julius raised by 5 & ??? possible rewards

Failure: Can't estimate a way for the quest to Fail. You would be an impaired fool to even fail it.



'Hey, mind your tone. Aren't you discriminating against retards? The age changed, people became more sensitive to these subjects, so don't add your comments, okay, system?

'Ahem, still this quest is more like home. Easy quest for finding boose.'

"Wait, old man, how do you know about my boose?" asked Gabrils, gritting his teeth in pain but still having the clarity in his mind to hear what Julius asked Mathias to do.

"Heh, little shit, what don't I know about my Church? A little bird told me that you know how to brew strong boose."

"Ahem, weren't you priests supposed to not drink?" asked Mathias, feeling a bit awkward by this quest.

"You crazy boy? Maybe those little girls at the Vatican might not drink, but this is my Cathedral, under my jurisdiction and autonomy. Also, I am a Paladin, not a priest, so I can drink all I want. Get going kid, my throat is dry after spending 3 continuous days to heal this little shit."

"Understood, sir, don't worry. I'll find them fast." said Mathias, with a clever smile on his face that had the old man start laughing.

Gabrils, hearing that, cried, feeling betrayed, and commented. "No, don't do it, Mathias. You don't know how much I worked for those bottles, don't let this old bag drink them."

"Sir Gabrils, I have no choice. The old man is stronger than me."

"Haha, I like you, kid. You remind of my younger self when the old pope was trying to have me do his chores." laughed the Archbishop with a bright expression.


[You accepted the quest.]


With the quest accepted, Mathias moved in the direction the old man directed him and began searching, removing some junk that was placed suspiciously in a place. Then with that junk removed, he noticed a compartment on the ground.

Raising the small wooden door of that compartment, he noticed 10 bottles of wine placed in an orderly manner.

'Wow, is this some wine cellar? I'll take just one Gabrils. I'll not give you off.'

"Sir Julius, there are only two bottles here. Do you need two? Or is it fine just one?"

"It is fine. Let this poor man also have one bottle, so he doesn't hate me for some dumb reason."

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