《Saharan Successor》Vol. 1 - Chapter 18 - The Hunt has begun

Vol. 1 - Chapter 18 - The Hunt has begun

With a proper mindset adjusted, he entered the dark forest, fully equipped with all his gear. He stared at his stats and his attack power and could notice that thanks to Ragnius, it reached a great number.

His AP was sitting at 103-243, something that conferred him some confidence in his exploration, but at the same time preparing for the unexpected. (A/N: AP = attack power)

Each step he would take in the forest barely illuminated by the moon felt like he was sidestepping some land mines, each step full of tension.

The forest itself showed itself to Mathias's eyes, where he could spot the tall trees from fir, redwood, and pine trees, making him feel a dwarf in their presence and shadow. These trees looked larger than their real counterparts, signalling Mathias that this was still a fantasy world, and he should be aware of any dangers.

"This place is really creepy at night." remarked Mathias, feeling that his surroundings were constantly flooded by large trees.

Dark trees, or so they looked in his untrained eyes as he moved past them. The cries of the owls and other animals resounded in his ears, making him grasp on Ragnius' shaft even harder.

Getting deeper in the forest, from above him, there was a larger owl, far bigger than the lifelike owls, who began flying down toward Mathias like a silent assassin, preparing to strike his prey down.

Because of his silent dive, a mark of owls, Mathias couldn't even guess what was coming in his direction, and so the owl used its sharp talons to slash at his shoulders.


[You have suffered an aerial attack and lost 25 HP]


'Argh, from where did that attack come?' thought Mathias while composing himself, looking in the air and at the tree branches.

It was when he turned his eyes on one tree branch that he spotted a black owl that had fresh blood on its talons.

"You want to eat me, owl? Come attack me face on if you dare." said Mathias coldly while staring at that owl.

He only got an owl cry and not another response such as an attack.

"If this is how you like playing, you should mind your own things. Go hunt some rodents if you are hungry. I have other plans for tonight, and you are not in them." said Mathias before moving away from this location, worried that a legit predator would come after him because of the split blood.

While he turned his back on the owl, this predatory bird did what its instinct told him to hunt down the wounded prey.

Mathias, who still focused on that owl, heard the branch movement when the owl went in the air, and while strengthening his grip on Ragnius, he waited patiently for the right moment.

Some seconds later, he activated the skill [Raven's Moment], and when the owl was about to strike again, he dodged and followed with his own response, by triggering the [Piercing Rain] skill, in doing so consuming [40 MP] and also [5 MP] from the movement skill.

Using the motion of the skill, he unleashed the three rapid combo attacks on the owl that tried to slash at his flesh with the dagger-like talons. Mathias's patience proved its worth, and all the attacks landed on the owl that shrieked in pain.

[You have dealt 160 damage.]

[You have dealt 192 damage.]

[You have dealt 130 damage.]

Looking at the owl health gauge as it was shrieking, he could now see its level and the name [Divebeak Owl], indicating level 7 and with an Elite mark. The health gauge got to 70%, which made Mathias ponder how much HP did this bird actually had.


'This bird, don't tell me it has 1500 HP. I need to end it fast before other beasts show up to gang on me.'

Not giving the owl a chance to escape in the air, Mathias did a strike from [High Guard] and wounded the owl again, pinning it down on the ground, crying in pain.

[You have dealt 223 damage]

"That strike looked so clumsy. No wonder Corvus made fun of me for how I tried to fight back his attacks. Good that I roll decent attacks with Ragnius and that this beast doesn't have a fighting intellect. Otherwise, I wouldn't even be able to kill it with a normal weapon."


The owl shrieked while on the floor, trying to get up and fly in the air, but whenever it would try to get on its feet, he would dash at it while activating [Raven's Movement].

Each second of this usage cost him 5 MP, but it matters less after checking his MP bar, showing a decent [157/222].

When his kick landed on the owl, pinning it down again, he saw how tiny his attack was actually without Ragnius, making him frown in embarrassment.


[You have dealt 4 damage]


"It's just a number, the CC of my kick is all that matters for now." said Mathias as he kicked the owl again in its large body while taunting it. "What is wrong, chicken, weren't you like a predator looking down on me in the air and daring to end me?" (A/N: CC = crowd control )

[You have dealt 3 damage]

Yet, the owl who kept trying to get on the air finally snapped and, with red eyes, used its talons while laying on the ground to slash at Mathias's leg, making him release a cry of pain.

[You have suffered 60 damage]

"Damn, this owl can get me to half HP in just two hits!" yelled out Mathias, barely restraining his cry of pain, so he wouldn't alert more beasts in the surrounding vicinity.

[Health: 136/221]

When the owl lashed at Mathias's leg and got on its feet, it didn't try to fly in the air. Instead, it moved toward Mathias with the head forward, prepared to pierce him with its sharp beak.

"Hah, you wish. Piercing Rain!"


[You have dealt 120 damage.]

[You have dealt 190 damage.]

[You have dealt 94 damage.]

Suffering those strikes, the 'Divebeak Owl' still kept advancing in an 'Enraged' state, making Mathias panic a bit, thinking that he would die with this incoming attack.

"Fucker, you are at 15% HP. Just die already!"

Nevertheless, the 'Divebeak Owl' didn't even realize what he said and kept advancing while its body and feathers were covered in blood. Without even giving Mathias the chance to block the attack, it pierced his chest with the sharp beak, delivering such a pain that it rivaled the death process.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage and lost 130 HP]

At that moment, the system's alerts began turning themselves on, alerting Mathias that he only had 6 HP left.

"I can see it, so calm down already, you, system. I know what I am doing. Arghh, damn, this hurts so badly. These developers need to tone down the pain amplifier because it is really not fun, crying in agony and almost pissing from pain."

The owl, after it got away from Mathias, charged back at him while moving its wings to propel in the air for a bit and later descend at its hateful enemy that didn't even let it escape the first part of the fight.


Instead of panicking, Mathias looked at his MP bar and could see that he still had about 50 MP, just enough to deliver a skill to this resilient owl.

"It is time, abomination. This is your end. Piercing Rain!"

Saying that, he unleashed the three combo attack in the air, piercing with each attack the owl that released his final cry.


[You have dealt 242 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 165 damage to the target.]


[You have dealt 444 damage to the target.]

With the last strike of Ragnius, the owl had his chest pierced, splashing its blood on Mathias and other organs.

Using his hand to clean his bloodied face, he commented to himself while taking some deep breaths to calm his racing heart with a sarcastic tone when looking at his bloody clothes.

"Hah, this is quite the overkill."

Then, when the dead owl landed on the ground, it gradually turned into a grey light. Not long after, numerous notification windows popped up in front of Mathias's eyes.


[You have killed the Elite monster 'Watcher Divebeak Owl' of the Empar Forest]

[500 silver coin has been acquired]

[10x Pristine Owl Feathers]

[An damaged sapphire has been acquired]

[5 pieces of sharp talons.]

[5,500 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]



"Hah, at least my hard work and pain got repaid fully by the loot and experience from this owl. I am already level 5. Let's get out of here before any other beast makes their way here."

As he said that, he walked in another part of the forest with hurried steps, while not too long since Mathias got away from the place he battled the 'Divebeak Owl' a Black Bear made its way to the place Mathias got pierced by the owl, right in the chest.

It began sniffing around and also opening its large mouth, revealing the sharp teeth under its arsenal. It started weirdly using its tongue to pick up Mathias's scent. Getting his scent, it began moving quickly after his back. (A/N: Sounds weird, yea, but besides sniffing hard, like he does cocaine, he uses his tongue to catch on Mathias blood)

Moments later, it released a roar that shook the branches of the trees and turned to move in the direction Mathias took.



While this murderous beast took an interest in Mathias and was following his path, the person in question heard the beastly roar, yet his expression was still the same. Calm and collected, he looked at his Stat's Window that changed, giving him 40 Stat Points and freedom to do whatever he wanted with them.

Looking at his meager HP, he quickly began using his free hand to add the free points on the primary stats. With a fast left hand that added the stat points on the opened window, leaving one stat untouched, saying to himself with a contended tone. (A/N: I will add here a reference for how MC puts his stat points)

"Phew, I can fight that beast moving after me. I no longer have to be wary of any hits coming from those beasts."


[Status Window]

Name: Mathias / Class: Beginner

Level: 5(240/2800) / Title :none

Health: 388/388 / Mana: 222/222


Strength: 31 / Stamina: 24

Agility: 14 / Intelligence: 35(+1)

Stat Points: 0




"Still, I should still hunt some beasts before fighting that roaring one. Some rodents or wild boars should do the job. I don't mind even the deers. Just not a predator."


Continuing his sprint while also keeping in check his 'Stamina' bar that was at half [56/100] after fighting that 'Divebeak Owl', he suddenly heard movements around himself before the galloping of a beast could be felt.

Soon, the shrieks of a pig enraged were ringing in Mathias's ears, who stepped back with a severe expression on.

'This is fast. Did I enter the territory of some pig herd?'

Then when Mathias saw the wild boar with the tag 'Bristling Boar - Lv. 7' that had bone spikes protruding from its hide, making this boar a first even for him.

The boar shrieked again, opening his mouth where his tusks created a disgusting sensation for Mathias.

Not giving the beast a chance to attack him, he unleashed [Piercing Rain], stabbing the boar three times in 2.5 seconds, with the respective [165 DMG], [226 DMG], [190 DMG], in doing so also enraging it more than it actually was.

With the health gauge at [75%] after being pierced by Ragnius, the boar didn't break his charge, and with his tusks and protruding bones, he tried to return the favour.

"You think I don't know what you want to do? Raven's Movement"

His feet started giving off shadowy feathers, and as the boar entered Mathias's range, using his spear to control the range, he moved from harm's way, leaving the boar alone in his beastly ram.

"[Piercing Rain]"

His body instantly moved to deliver the three combo attack at the boar's side covered in his bones, that were snapped once Ragnius hit them, however they still played an effect in blocking the skill

[Bristling Boar protruding bones absorbed half the power of your attacks]

[You have dealt 85 damage.]

[You have dealt 64 damage.]

[Critical] -> [ You have dealt 220 damage.]

"Tsk, to think those bones would serve as armour for this boar. No problem, I still got MP in me to fight. However, better to keep the skills on break for a while.

[Mana: 127/222]

Bellowing with a pained cry, the boar began hitting on the floor, point where Mathias' ears picked the galloping of other beasts coming in his direction.

"Fuck, he summoned his friends."

Without letting those beasts gang on him, Mathias rushed at the wounded boar while the Raven's Movement was activated, and using a basic spear trust, he stabbed it right where an open wound caused by [Piercing Rain] was located.


[You have dealt 280 damage.]

"Wait, did I find something new? This spear attack felt different from the rest. This one got more momentum under it. Don't tell me I am doing more damage if I target the opened wounds on the beast?"

Drawing Ragnius from the hide of the boar, he was met with the appearance of 3 other 'Bristiling Boars' that bellowed immediately when they saw their wounded mate.

Still calm in the face of those beasts, he unleashed another Piercing Rain that stabbed harder into the boar, with the average numbers that Ragnius gave him, [170], [127] and a critical hit that got into the beast [440], following the notification of its death.



[You have killed the 'Bristling Boar' of the Empar Forest]

[You were witnessed by his species and will be hunted until your death by the respective species of boars]

[35 silver coins has been acquired]

[A ragged boar tusk has been acquired

[5x Boar Hide]

[650 experience has have been acquired.]

"Decent EXP for the hassle of killing those boars." said Mathias while spinning Ragnius in his hands after the boar he killed started turning gradually into a grey light scattering in the air, later shifting his focus on the upcoming 3 boars.


Those boars, when seeing the dead boar turning into light, growled in rage as they started dashing for Mathias with their large tasks, ready to pierce him.

Mathias looked left and right at the boars coming at him, and with eluding movements, he started taking the flanks of the boars.

As he got to their flanks, he started his onslaught, beginning with an [Thrust] attack going straight for the ribs of one boar.


[You have dealt 369 damage]

['Bleed' debuff has been induced to the target.]

"Bleed? That's the continuous damage to the target debuff? First time seeing it, but it should be this one." commented Mathias while he kept himself busy by getting out of the boar's range.

Then after he got away from the boar's range, he kept watching the health bar of the boar under 'Bleed' debuff and saw that it suffered [15 DMG] each second.

"Hoh, good stuff. I can really play dirty if I proc my debuffs all the time."

Like a matador, he kept dashing left and right while his spear was flying at the boars that were infuriated more by each second they couldn't hit Mathias, making him instead look like their archenemy.

Squealing loudly that it made Mathias look around himself for possible enemies lurking in the shadows, yet as he was doing his preventive check, he heard the sound of something flying at him.

Quickly turning his eyes, he saw a bone spike flying at him like it was a thrown javelin that instantly entered his chest, causing him to grunt in pain.

[You have suffered 100 damage.]

Looking at those boar's that were squealing so loudly, his eyes turned cold, and looking at his mana vessel that showed [84 MP], he moved quickly without using the [Raven's Movement] getting right at the center of the beasts, he called out the skill name [Sweeping Thrust] and followed by executing the skill assisted by the game system, making a fast sweep attack targeting their legs causing them to collapse on the dirt.

[You have dealt 149 damage to all three 'Bristiling Boars'.]

Then with a follow up of his skill, he moved to the direction he could attack all those boars, and grasping hard on Ragnius shaft, he unleashed the [Thrust] of the skill, impaling all three.


[You have dealt 496 damage to all 'Bristiling Boars' in your attack.]

The boars shrieked in pain and began moving about while Ragnius got them impaled, in doing so also shaking Mathias, who watched their health gauge slowly deplete.

However, in a moment of primal instinct, the boars released a loud grunt before all their bones started flying in Mathias's direction, taking him on lousy footing.

Seeing the bones flying in his direction, Mathias used Ragnius, and with all his strength, he jumped, tumbling along with the boars as the spearhead supported his jump.

[You have suffered 30 damage.]

[You have suffered 30 damage.]

[You have suffered 30 damage.]

Barely escaping with his life thanks to his ingenious and crazy plan of jumping over the skewered boars, he still suffered the impact of three bone spikes piercing his body.

"Hah, hah, crazy beasts. Can't you just die already?"

Saying that he has drawn Ragnius back, starting to make the last attacks to the boars, who were at 20% HP. With short spear slashes and thrusts, he could see those three boars turn in the gray light, scattering in the air, followed by the notifications of his victory.


[You have killed the 'Bristling Boar' of the Empar Forest]

[You have killed the 'Bristling Boar' of the Empar Forest]

[You have killed the 'Bristling Boar' of the Empar Forest]


[75 silver coins has been acquired]

[A good quality boar tusk has been acquired]

[15x Boar Pelt]

[1950 experience has been acquired.]

[You have acquired the item 'Boar Hunter's Cloak']


[You have levelled up]


Exhaling some deep breaths, Mathias stabbed Ragnius on the ground, holding himself on the spear, calming his tense heart.

"These boars are worse than that Owl. They even got some skills up their sleeves, yet I received less EXP from them, isn't the game too hard levelling wise?"

"Ahh, I should get moving if I don't want to be hunted by some herd of wild boars or another blasted beast." reflected Mathias, in his fight, before he drew back Ragnius from the ground and took off, walking in another direction of the forest.

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