《Saharan Successor》Vol. 1 - Chapter 11 - Fayrene's Mana Core & Mana Devourer

Vol. 1 - Chapter 11 - Fayrene's Mana Core & Mana Devourer

[Congratulations you awakened your Mana Core (Grade C)]

'Finally, I can sleep after this. No more pain please', Mathias thought between the respite from pain, 'I've suffered enough for today.'

Mathias closed his eyes and slumped on the warm floor, body prepped for rest. However, before he could feel the sweetness envelope him, Fayrene shook him awake.

"Are you still alive? What is the result? Do you need anything else?"

Mathias grit his teeth, struggling to not fall back into a stupor. "One question at a time, my head's aching from the ceremony. Could you get me some water? No need for tea--it might be expensive."

Fayrene still insisted on checking Mathias for any side effects, and only after that did she walk away from the private room to get some water for him.

Mathias utilized the time in-between to inspect his character window, checking for the new addition, [Mana Core](C).

'It seems I am so-so concerning magic affinity. Nothing to cry about. The Archmage who wrote the book said that only those at the lowest grade couldn't aim high. I'm at least better than that case.'

Following that, he opened the stats window with anticipation for the [Mana Core].

[Mana Core]

Rating/Grade: Rare/(C)

A modified and enhanced mana core that was awakened with uncommon methods long forgotten in history

* Passively increased Intelligence by 4% >

* Increase spell damage, spell hit rate by 2%, magic spell casting by 2%, and your focus by 5% of not failing your spells>

* The mana increase will adjust to your level [150MP bonus]>

* Effect: Passive Skill



'This is not bad at all. An increase in my Intelligence stats and mana is always welcome, but I hope I don't get too many magic-focused quests. I can't imagine myself standing around casting spells from set positions like in MMOs--it'd be a boring fight.'

'Spell damage, casting speed, focus, and hit rate are also important stats for me. Argh, I hope I don't turn my character into some disgusting mage build.'(E/N:Do you dislike mages Morph?)

'Stat Windows.' thought Mathias while checking his stats.



Name : Mathias / Class :Beginner

Level: 1 (0/400) / Title :none

Health : 169/169 Mana: 202/202

Strength: 13 / Stamina: 10

Agility: 7 / Intelligence: 25(+1)




'That INT stat makes me feel uncomfortable. Don't I have a clear advantage in the mana aspect? I can cast my skills without even fearing running out with my starting skills. I could use [Raven's Movement] more often with this mana addition. It should be one minute per fight.'

While Mathias was immersed, thinking about his skill set, Fayrene came back with a glass of water.

"Mathias, what core did you awaken?"

Turning his eyes at Fayrene, who was standing close to him, he slowly raised his body from his seated position and took the glass of water. Quenching his thirst and watching Fayrene's curious expression closely, he replied with a disappointed tone.

"I got the (C) graded one. I thought I could get more, especially after suffering that much pain. Well, it is what it is, nothing to lament about. What about you Fayrene, what Mana Core do you manage to awaken?"

Fayrene, when hearing Mathias' slightly disappointed tone, shook her head, also disappointed, and before telling him about her mana core, she told him something that might lift his spirit.

"You know, Mathias. The Archmage wrote a spell concerning how one could nurture his mana core to increase the rank, but it is something that always failed for the people who tried to nurture their mana core. You can read the spell in the tome called [Mana Devourer], but I suggest you don't use it. Your core is good as it is.


Right, now, regarding my mana core. To be honest with you, Mathias, your awakening scared me because I never expected one to suffer any pain. If I knew it, I would have warned you. My awakening went gently, and I got the core the Archmage graded as (SS).

While drinking the water and listening to her, he felt he drowned a bit while drinking and spit some water on Fayrene's face and clothes while the rest went to different places.

"Ahem, ahem. Sorry for this overreaction. I can't believe what I heard. You are one of those who were almost unique in the world to be the owner of the strongest core. Amazing Fayrene, this means you are a genius."

Cleaning her face of the water with a napkin, not offended by Mathias's blubber, she confirmed to him again.

"Don't view me so great. It's only been one year since I have awakened my magic affinities. I am just like you, an apprentice who can barely use some spells from the magic tome."

"Hah, you don't need to belittle your abilities. You could kill me with only one spell. This shows how talented you are compared to someone like me."

"No, look. Aren't you belittling yourself now? Regardless of what mana core you would have gained, I wouldn't look down on you. We are the only ones who study this form of magic, which makes us unique in the world." replied Fayrene with a small smile on her soft lips.

"Still, Fayrene, you will probably progress faster than me, so you better help me out in the future." chuckled Mathias a bit after cleaning his wet face with the lower part of his shirt.

This moment was noticed by Fayrene, who watched Mathias fit body quietly who revealed his stomach that had visible abs muscle, not heavily defined, but they were there sticking out.

When Mathias was done cleaning his face and placed down his shirt, Fayrene quickly took her eyes away from him and moved toward the Magic Tome as if nothing happened.

''What's wrong with her? I guess she got a bit embarrassed about me cleaning my face with the shirt. She is still a girl with real emotions. This isn't just a monotone game. Everyone here has real emotions. So, Fayrene, who is probably in her early twenties or late teens, would be feeling awkward.'

Moving toward the desk and taking a seat next to her, Fayrene started turning the pages until she stopped and pointed her finger at the page.

"Read it yourself. The content is something that might interest you, but I hope you never use it because it is risk heavy and taxing on your mana core."

Touching the tome and moving it closer to him while Fayrene's finger was still on it, which shifted position along with his grab. She only took her finger off the book after checking that Mathias started reading.



Focusing on Fayrene's finger that pointed with her nail on the spell he should read, he started studying patiently.

[Mana Devourer -

Little Apprentice, you might be unsatisfied with your mana core, but you don't have to be discouraged and view your lower grade as a failure. It isn't something to despair over. You would be a fool thinking this right now.

'Hmph, I am not really upset, even after all the pain I suffered. It is just what Fayrene thinks and wants me to feel a bit better knowing there is a chance to grow my mana core.'

Listen, apprentice, you can still find success as a conventional mage that isn't heavily focused on the Arcana if your mana core is lower graded. However, it would help if you still learned the elemental spells of an Arcane Mage, , , , . These spells will be your way of protecting yourself from your enemy. Also, you will not have to worry about encountering enemies hunting you because of your low core that might feel like the regular spellcasters.



Now concerning the . It is a spell I constructed after many foolish kids took extreme moves, such as even trying the again and killing themselves in the process. It is an understatement, "killing themselves", they just angered the arcane and got blasted into nothingness, soul, and body. So you better open your eyes and read the following spell properly, any mistake, and you will follow in their suit.

It is a spell that uses the mana of the ones you killed to nurture your own mana core to slowly break its limits. This spell doesn't work on human beings, so you better don't make the mistake of slaughtering people to grow your mana core. If things were so simple, every single Arcana Mage in history would be a legendary being or mythical being. In conclusion, this spell should work on every other creature of this world holding mana inside them.

Risks. You can shatter your mana core and stop your magic progression altogether. Benefits. You can enhance your core to the next grade, but this is a long, tenuous process that will make you question your convictions.

Reminder: This spell theoretically can work until the S tier. I don't suggest using this spell trying to reach a higher tier than S. However, if you are a bigger genius than me and can restructure the spell structure and formula, sure go ahead. Don't use this spell to try to reach a higher tier than S



Following this detailed guide and even what spells he should learn as an apprentice, he began learning the spell formula, and after 3 hours of strenuous reading and memorizing. He got a notification in front of his eyes that made him sit straight in surprise, scaring Fayrene, who was reading a book close by.

"Finally! I thought my head would collapse if I spent one more hour."

"Mathias, are you okay?" asked Fayrene after seeing his red eyes, tired of reading.

"I am fine, Fayrene. Thanks for asking. It's just that this spell formula is so annoying to memorize and understand that I had to restart so many times that I don't want to talk about it."


He calmed himself and checked the skill spell description.



[Mana Devourer]

Rating: Legendary

A dangerous spell created by a lost Archmage to give a window for the ones desiring power, fully knowing the risks they would take in partaking in this route.

* Strip the dead you have slain of a portion of their accumulated mana. You have 0.5% of stripping the enemy of a small part of their mana that will be converted in INT stat and [Mana Core] experience, up to the amount of mana stripped.

* If the ability is overused, there is a 50% chance of your [Mana Core] shattering and losing all your gained INT in the process of mana devouring.

Mana Consumption: 1000 MP

Skill Cooldown Time: No Cooldowns



'This spell feels like you are playing the Russian Roulette, but it isn't your brain that flies splashing the ground, instead, it is your mana core. Either way, my core lives to bask in the benefits of my nurture, or I destroy it having too much greed.'

"Fayrene, now I understand why you said this spell is risky to use. However, only an idiot would risk himself to overuse this spell. You can slowly build up your mana core and improve on the other parts of your spells."

Fayrene stopped reading and smiled at Mathias softly before she said to him.

"You really took your time to learn the spell. Do you even know what hour it is?


"Should I even care? Worse comes, I will just sleep on the streets until I find a place to stay." said Mathias back jokingly, making Fayrene chuckle a bit.

"Why are you so harsh with yourself? You can sleep in the front part of the shop."

Mathias could only shake his head when hearing this kind proposition and said to her with a slight smile.

"Fayrene, you have already done enough for me. I don't want you to feel burdened by me and for you to take care of me."

"Sigh, do you even know how harsh it is to live outside? There are all sorts of criminals lurking in this area and even in the inner part of the city. You'll be at their mercy. Listen to me. I know what I am talking about because I was almost like you when I came here from my village."

They will look down on you just because you wear simple clothes from outside of the region, making your life hard for you. This city isn't as grand as the stories tell you."

"Then why have you come here, Fayrene?" asked Mathias looking at Fayrene's expression that was a bit conflicted, calmly, waiting for her answer.

"This is because I need money to help my family. I have three little brothers, while I am the eldest among them. My parents are also starting to get old, and the land work doesn't help this at all. I will grow as an arcanist and improve my family situation."

Hearing that made Mathias' eyes turned soft, and he also started remembering his family. While they fared better, there was always room for improvement.

Why are you looking at me that way? Is there something on my face? Or do you not believe my story?" inquired Fayrene, feeling confused by the look Mathias gave her that she saw for the first time since meeting him.'

"No, you are mistaken. I fully believe your story. Your story made me remember my family situation. I will help you out, Fayrene. With the smallest thing and support I can give you, I will be there to watch you."

"So this means you will not sleep outside?"

Mathias laughed out loud, making Fayrene wonder what problem he had now; however, when he was done laughing, he stared directly into her violet eyes, and while moving closer, he said.

"If you are fine with me staying here, and you don't find me repulsing, I will gladly stay here. It is a man's dream to laze around and have warm food and shelter over his head. Ahem, I was joking there, don't take me seriously. However, I will add this. I will move out a lot to grow powerful and probably come back only at night to sleep. Will you be fine with this?"

"I don't mind, but before that, I will also add some conditions. You can't enter my private room without asking. You don't peek at me while I bathe and use the bathroom. You will help me out with my side job, which is tailoring. You will also have to bring some money home, as rent for staying inside." explained Fayrene with a serious voice while gazing at Mathias smiling face, which seemed to not wave at any of her conditions.

"We got a deal, my lady." said Mathias while extending his hand for a handshake which confused Fayrene, leaving him with his hand extended.

'Ahh, this is a bit awkward. The customs here might vary compared to reality. This one stings a bit, but it is not the end of the world.'


However, as he started to move his hand back, Fayrene, who understood the meaning of the handshake, grabbed his hand with her right hand that revealed the scars on the right arm for Mathias to see.

When she noticed that, she quickly took her arm away, scared, and pulled on her black shirt sleeve even more to cover the entire arm.

"You saw it, right? Those disgusting scars."

Mathias, seeing her pale face, shook his head slowly and commented on what he saw.

"Don't worry, Fayrene, the scars mean nothing to me. With or without those burn scars, this will not change who you are. Only fools would judge you for your scars, so don't stress yourself. That would affect your health. We can always look for a cure in the future, which means you don't have to be afraid that you'll have to live with those scars."

Hearing his calm voice, Fayrene slowly released her grip on the right sleeve that she was pulling, and her panic attack began to lessen. Seeing Mathias' calm expression and listening to him made her feel better about the scars, but she was still visible, holding the right arm as if she wanted to bury it somewhere.

"Thank you. Since that accident, and even with sir Gabrils divine powers, my scars are still the same. They are always stinging me when people react like they saw the hand of a monster, but you are different."


'Sigh, poor girl. I can imagine the stares of disdain, their dumb expressions as if they saw something disgusting. Even in reality, it is common to see idiots look at those suffering from burns like they are some disgusting people. This event should be even more intense here, where the middle-aged morons can't even think properly.'

"For nothing, Fayrene. Take some breaths, and if it helps you, we can take a night stroll to calm down."

"No need. Remember, the streets are infested with criminals and bandits at night."

"I guess. Then I will prepare my sleeping place in the front. If I need something, I will check on you, okay?"

"Yes, please do so." replied Fayrene with a small smile while watching Mathias move toward the front part of the building.

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