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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire

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Despite appearances, there was once a time where monsters did not exist. Where peace and prosperity reigned over all life. But those sinful and demonic forces that had hidden themselves in the shadows just couldn't help themselves could they? They wanted a piece of that prosperity too. They wanted to taint it, corrupt it, revel in its dark side.
This is the story of a boy who was tainted. Of a boy who unintentionally bore a seed of sin and who in his naivety let it out. 
This is the story of how that boy was shamed and disgraced. Of how he was outcast for simply being. 
This is the story of how that boy learned to embrace the darkness that made him different. A darkness that would later make him known as the Lord of Night.

Note to Reader: I understand this book is not for everyone, if there is a writer that can write to please everyone, I have never heard of them. The MC can be frustrating in his decisions as he learns to grow and accept what and who he is. I believe this reality is unavoidable. That being said, if you feel the need to give a review, please do so, just know that I will report you if all that review seems to do is blab toxic language and insult my literary choices without giving constructive advice or alternatives. That's not just a me policy, that's a policy of this website.

I'm not writing this note because I'm a writer who does not acknowledge that there are faults in my work. I know there are. That's what happens when it hasn't been professionally edited by someone other than the author. I'm saying this because I'm sick of reading 1 star or 0.5 star rated reviews that seem to do nothing but hate on the book because they don't like the story. No comments on grammar, ways to improve or suggestions for better story arcs. Just plain hate. It's not on, and I frankly shouldn't have to write this note, but needed to get it off my chest.

In saying all that, thank you to those who do leave reviews that don't fall into the above category. Your appreciation of my work, or alternatively, your willingness to give advice for improvement, is appreciated.

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