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The world is broken and rotten.

It's supposed defenders are too weak willed to do what is necessary.

It's leaders are too corrupt to care for those beneath them

If they wont fix this world, then I will!

I will make the world a better place ..... by any means necessary!

Nice to meet you all. My name is Ginobi47. A lurker of and now a writer of original fic.This is my first original work and I do hope you enjoy it!

Do remember that this is a fiction in the Superhero genre. Please expect the craziness that goes along with it.

NOTE: English is not my maiden language.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As I went through the other fictions of Royal Road, I noticed that my style of writing style (slow release, 1 big post) doesnt work well in this site. As such, I'll be experimenting on releasing smaller chapters more often, as this seems to be how the authors of Royal Road does things.

Mind you, my release speed will still be very slow compared to others, but I'll churn out chapters more often than what I used to do.


ANOTHER NOTE: Some of my readers convinced me to set up a discord server. While I have absolutely no idea what to do in a discord server, but if you're interested, just join in and go nuts.

Suggest some storylines or characters, seek advice in just about anything or tell me your deepest darkest secret (you can PROBABLY trust me ^.^).

Feel free to do whatever is fun

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