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Retribution Engine/Sturmblitz Kunst [Ultraviolent Martial Arts Progression Fantasy]

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Author: Type:Male

"The War of Fog is over. Every major city is under occupation. Now we prepare to take back our home."

- Unknown Soldier

The continent's great heroes have slaughtered one another for the ideals of their countries, but the world keeps moving.

The industrious nation of Ikesia lays still smoldering from the nigh-apocalyptic War of Fog, yet it stubbornly forges onward, shielded from further invasion by the impenetrable Blackwall. Its leader - the Sage of Fog - has disappeared, yet his influence is still felt everywhere, his plans and contingencies still in motion - even the Blackwall is said to be his last, desperate creation.

New heroes have begun rising from the war of fog, and there is more need for them than ever. A towering foreigner has emerged from the desolate Exclusion Zone.

She strides into the war-torn country without the intent to pick sides, but is soon forced to do so when the machinations of malevolent occupiers collide with her own ego.

Disclaimer: Retribution Engine and its sequel, Sturmblitz Kunst, are original works and are no way associated with, to, or sourced from existing copyrighted material. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious.

Copyright: This fiction and all associated works, artwork, fanfiction, derivative fiction, world building, assets, and anything that could conceivably be considered sourced from or created as a result of this fiction are the sole intellectual property of the author, herein known as Akaso. This work and all above terms are © Akaso 2022.

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