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The Dream

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Dad always said that the world was resting upon the dream of a god. Good and evil, light and dark. These were things that were born when the sleeping god dreamed the first human. The elementals and eldritch horrors of the Before had no need for concepts, no way to recognize them or create them. Maybe that was why it had been so easy for humans to banish them to the other realms.

Humans were the pinnacle of the world. They were the giants upon whom the laurels of civilization rested. They were the titans that held up the heavens and controlled all that entered their domain. Their technology was unparalleled and alongside their mechanical innovations the study of the fundamental forces of the universe spiraled infinitely forward. Using magic the nations of humanity prospered and continents were conquered, one after the other. The greatest purge the planet had ever known sent ancient species into the deep woodland. Those that couldn’t flee from the humans above ground found themselves braving the monsters that roamed the underworld. Humanity looked upon its mighty achievements and wept for joy.

Then the dream ended.

And the nightmare began.

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