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A little bit of Villainy

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Our world has become an apocalyptic wasteland where the only law is that of the strongest. In this nightmare, a band heroes rise up to save the remnants of humanity from itself.They build a great city to shelter the weak, only for the city (and all its inhabitants) to get blown to pieces by what many would call a villain.

All the heroes die in the explosion but the goddesses of light and order transport their souls to a fantasy universe where they need to vanquish the demons and save humanity. The heroes succeed and 'peace' returns. These acts left the goddess of Chaos dying and as you all know desperate times call for desperate measures.

"The only thing that can defeat a hero is a villain and luckily I know where to find one, one that has already killed them once." , -The goddess of chaos

The Villain that once bested the heroes gets revived as a Dracolich, an undead dragon of great power, and brings with him a storm a Chaos and Fun.

"I can't really say I won against them in our last life since we all ended dying in that explosion, but this time I'm gonna win our fun little rematch."- Villain

This story is about a Villain who just wants to have a good time and maybe create a little mayhem.

Note: I know I tagged this story with an anti-hero lead tag, but that is only because there is no tag called villain lead.

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