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Irresponsible Former God of War Renox

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20 years ago monsters from myths appeared all around the world and brought great destruction. Gods who saw that, gave people powers to fight back the monsters.
Today people with powers are called "Blessed". People who are blessed get an invitation on a man made Island A.M.I where they will learn how to use their powers and fight back monsters in a school.
Renox the MC of this story is a son of God of War Ares and Goddess of Love, Wisdom, War, Fertility and Lust Inanna. He was one of the strongest gods at the age of ten and he could easily beat other War Gods, but never acted like one himself. He was a battle maniac and had an uncontrollable lust. He did stupid things and wasn't a stable god so he was thrown out of Olympus on to the Earth by Zeus.
Follow his life on earth as he continues his lifestyle: killing, getting laid and getting wasted.
Warning! This fiction contains: gore, strong language, sex, dark humor and stuff that can offend some people, because everything offends people nowadays.
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