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The Crystal Dungeon

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Author: Type:Male
Trapped in a battle between the divine and demonic, a quick-witted, intelligent soul goes down a third path: reincarnation as a dungeon! Through a quirk of fate, he is able to choose a forgotten race that may one day lead him to great glory or a life of slavery.
This is the story of a crystal dungeon.
Hi! Author here! This will be my first attempt at writing a fiction so I'm really just going off of a little idea that took my fancy, some inspiration from other great books like "The Slime Dungeon" and "Lair", and a small skill with words to make what I hope will be an enjoyable story, for both you, my readers, and me the enigmatic, highly intelligent, devilishly handsome, and very humble ;D author. So just sit back and let me begin....
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