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CARNAGE CARNIVORE - A dragon devouring faeries...-

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Author: Type:Male

Carnage... This name I gave myself...
The last human being...
The first dragon...
The first carnivore...
The world as we knew it no longer exists. The Gods, the sky or the creator...whatever. After a solar explosion and a good dose of gamma rays, all humans and most animals disappeared. With time, all traces of civilization disappeared. But the Gods, tired of our conflicts or wanting to finish once and for all with evolution, decided to replace our way of life by a magical, fantastic universe. Populated by elves, gnomes, dwarves, goblins and all sorts of creatures born spontaneously by magic, the moon, flowers and dew, like fairies. A paradise.
Me? I was a scientist... I knew... There were plenty of signs... and I went on expeditions, stole relics from another age and by the power of science and genetics I made the crazy bet to transform myself into a dragon. When I woke up... Everything was gone, replaced.
So I decided to avenge those billions of sacrificed souls by devouring everything I could. Gods included. I am the first and only carnivore...

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