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Crystal Gunslinger - The Obsidian Outlaws

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Author: Type:Male

Listen to the prologue and chapter one in audiobook form for free here!

The Warped Scorch is known as the most dangerous area on the continent of Lux for good reason.

Ever since the strange meteor hit the land and changed it into a crystal hellscape, the bordering nations have been trying to establish a foothold into the extremely dangerous new territory, to see what treasures it may hold. Cyrus is a crystal gunslinger, one of the individuals that faces the horrors of the Warped Scorch on a daily basis in order to make a living. With his trusty ruby repeater and plenty of experience, he is prepared to deal with what most of the strange creatures and dangerous environment throw at him.

Cyrus will soon learn that the true horrors of the Scorch are much more human in nature, and no matter how hard he tries, escaping his past will be nearly impossible.

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